Web Committee

Member Roster:

·         Weiling Liu (Co-Chair) System Migration w.liu@louisville.edu (2012-2015)

·         Vincci Kwong (Co-Chair) Webmaster vkwong@iusb.edu (2011-2014)

·         Xiaocan Wang xiaocan.wang@indstate.edu (2012-2015)

·         Dongmei Cao caod@cofc.edu (2011-2013)

·         Humin Lu jjhmlu@gmail.com (2011-2013)

·         Yiping Wang angel.wang2001@gmail.com (2011-2013)

·         Fang Wei wfang@kinoy.rutgers.edu (2011-2013)

·         Sharon Q. Yang yangs@rider.edu (2011-2013)

·         Bin Zhang Listserv Owner bzhang4cala@gmail.com (2011-2013)

Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

1.      Upgraded both Drupal and CiviCRM to their latest versions.

2.      Revised, updated and released the online Membership Application Form and Update Contact Information Form on 12/3/2012

3.      Added Chinese translations to the main page of myCALA-web at http://my.cala-web.org

4.      Improved login process on Drupal and reset all the member’s login accounts on site, myCALA-web

5.      Generated email and mailing lists for CALA election and GMA, NCA and SCA chapter elections

6.      Generated current membership list for Membership Committee to prepare for print directory

7.      Created two WordPress websites for NCA and MW chapters

8.      Assisted Occasional Paper Series in uploading the number 12 issue to the website

9.      Updated listservs (Currently there are 906 subscribed emails on the list)

a.       Changed access: the access to the archives of CALAList has been closed for the public, and restricted to current subscribers only, due to privacy concerns raised by some members, as a temporary measure until the Board discusses and decides what to do...

b.      Added current members: added 230 emails of 2013 current members

c.       All current members can send message to the list without monitor and non-CALA members can receive message, but their postings need to be approved by listserv owner

10.  Posted 38 job advertisements since January 2013

11.  Reviewed some website hosting service providers, but have not completed the process. The current server seemed to be reliable after the slowness problem was resolved, and so the urgency to change a provider is lower right now.  Also, due to the resignation of the former server administrator/listserv owner, it was suggested by Weiling that we hold on this project for later this year.

[Attached please find Weiling's summary report about the implementation status of CiviCRM membership management system.]

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

1.      Review and finalize the listserv policies (see attached)

2.      Redesign the front page to integrate with myCALA-Web

3.      Continue the implementation of CiviCRM to make good use of this system to enhance CALA membership management and communication among members

We would like to thank Bin Zhang for his dedication and excellent work in managing the servers, the listservs and providing system support for CALA for so many years.