CALA 40th Anniversary Celebration Ad-Hoc Committee

Member Roster:

Maria Fung, Co-Chair,

Liana Zhou, Co-Chair,

Min Chou,

Sai Deng,

Dora Ho,

Lili Li,

Yingqi Tang,

Sally C. Tseng,

Lisa Zhao,

Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

Build A Celebratory Event for the 40th Anniversary Awards Banquet Program

CALA 40th Anniversary Banquet will be staged on 6/30/2013 in Chicago.  Following the CALA tradition, the annual banquet will be carried out on the same day right after the Annual Program.  Here is the information of the 40th Anniversary Awards Banquet:   

Date                6/30/2013

Time               5:30p.m. to 10:00p.m.

Place               Cai Fine Dining and Banquet

                        2100 S. Archer Ave.

                        Chicago, IL 60616

Our thanks to the Local Arrangement Committee’s hard work with the banquet.  Manuel Urrizola, Min Chou, and Dora Ho will be our masters of ceremony, a lion dance performed by the Chicago Chinese Cultural Center and ethnic dancing by two talented dancers sponsored by Jin Qiu Yue Dance Group from Chicago.  Maria was the primary contact person for all the arrangement.  Manuel suggested for the mc's to call all the caucus leaders out for a one shot fun interview during the program.  Sally Tseng was able to get a group of librarians from Taiwan to performance, and Lian Ruan was able to scout some talents from the Mainland China.

Reach out to Other Caucus Leaders/Members

We have invitation to four ethnic caucuses (BCALA, APALA, IALA and REFORMA) inviting them to join us by reserving a table for the celebration banquet.  APALA pad for a table of 10 while REFORMA  president has made two reservations.

Special CALA Newsletter Celebrating the CALA 40th Anniversary

 Sai Deng had proposed many creative ideas, including a special issue on the 40th Anniversary, YouTube videos, and  Facebook pictures to promote the event. An announcement of the special issue was sent to CALA listserv.  Sai also posted all quotations from project 40/40 to CALA Facebook (titled "40 Quotations in 40 Days! Let's celebrate CALA's 40th Anniversary together!" "CALA Facebook posts the quotations from 'A Prelude to Celebration: Project 40/40 on CALA Leadership' on behalf of the CALA 40th Anniversary Celebration Ad-Hoc Committee..."url:

 Sai also bring flyers for CALA 40th special issue call for contributions.  Sai suggested that we promote CALA Guestbook at ALA Annual: . Ask people to sign :)

Sally Tseng and Successful Fundraising

Sally Tseng is a member of the Ad Hoc Committee but also leads the Fundraising Committee. Sally and Maria and other fundraiser had successfully raised funds for Esther's Presidential Initiatives which will be detailed in her report and the forthcoming Newsletter.  Part of the successful fundraising will be used for Celebration of CALA's 40th Anniversary and the Banquet, in addition to funding other CALA activities. We are grateful to have the funds available for the celebration events.

 Other related discussion/information:

Co-chairs met with Lisa Zhao (The Program Committee Chair) and Lian (The Local Arrangement Committee Co-Chair) in Seattle during the Mid-Winter ALA meeting to briefly discuss collaboration with the Annual Program and the Annual Banquet.  Maria also talked to CALA President Esther lee about ideas and proposals.  

Esther, Maria and Liana discussed about the "Slow Boat" idea.  We all agreed that the idea was great but too expensive and involving in planning and was given up.

We considered to give free membership as part of the anniversary celebration, however, due to finance concerns, it was decided, with consultation from Esther, not to offer free memberships.  

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

Continue the 40th Anniversary Celebration into 2014