2014 Conference Program Committee

Member Roster:

Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

As the chair of the program committee, I have sent inquiries to committee members about the program theme as well as prospective speakers. Unfortunatley I have not recieived any response. Therefore, I have to make a decision on my own. 

Tentatively, I have decided the theme of the program to be: "Exploring the World: Library Leadership and Global Outreach" 

Prospective Speakers:

Shu-hsien Tseng  Director, National Central Library, Taiwan. (Accepted Invitation)

Maureen Sullivan  President , ALA  (will invite)

Sally Tseng, CALA Honorable Executive Director, CALAS's Liaison Representative to China and Taiwan  (will invite)

Irving K. Barber, IFLA 2013 President (will invite)

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

I have the same comment about both the Program Committee and the Best Book Awards Committee: We need appointed members to show more interest in their committee work and to participate more actively. The tasks are to be shared by all members and not just by the chairs.