Mentorship Committee


Hong Miao, (Co-chair) (2011-2013)
Ying Zhong, (Co-chair) (2011-2013)
Yingting Zhang, (2011-2013)
Meiqing Macy Zheng, (2011-2013)
Jia Xu, (2011-2012)
Huibin Heather Cai, (2011-2012)
Lisa Zhao, (2010-2012)

For previous activities please refer to the Mid-Year Report. Since 2013 Mid-Winter ALA conference, the Committee sent out a brief survey to collect the input from mentees and mentors. We hope we will be able to, based on the feedback from the mentees/mentors, provide recommendations to the next Mentorship Committee.

  1. Briefly summarize what you and your mentor/mentee have achieved through CALA mentorship Program:
  2. Was it of value to you as a mentor/mentee? Why/Why not?
  3. What did you like about the program itself?
  4. What suggestions would you make for improving this program?
  5. Would you like to be a mentor again? / Would you recommend this program to others?


Three mentor/mentee groups answered the questions.  Two out of three mentee/mentor groups provided positive feedback towards the program. They communicated with each other via phone, email, and met in person whenever it’s possible. The program proves to be a valuable experience to both mentor and mentee as well. One mentor/mentee group was able to collaborate on a presentation together on Chinese Canadian studies in librarianship and museums.  As for the second group, the mentee was encouraged by the mentor to apply for ALA’s Emerging Leader program and was selected as the EL in 2013 and being featured in the March issue of American Libraries! The third group responded our survey questions saying they “barely did anything”.

Suggestions to the next Mentorship Committee:

Since we have only received 3 applications from mentees, but 15 applications showing interest in serving as mentors, further suggestions would be to devote more efforts in promoting and recruiting.  The committee should continue to work closely with CALA’s sub-committees, officials, and CALA Web master to promote this program.  


  • Engage the committee members in the process of program promotion and mentor/mentee selection and keep the size of the committee small for efficiency.  When selecting committee members, we probably should include at least one LIS school faculty to improve our communications with the LIS students.


  • Committee should keep an active communication with the mentor/mentee groups, and offer assistance if needed.