Southwest Chapter

Member Roster:

Hui-Fen Chang, President
Leping He, Vice President/President-Elect
Klairon Tang, Treasurer
May Lynn Lee, Membership Chair

Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

CALA SW Chapter Conference Program at the 2013 Texas Library Association Annual Conference

The Southwest Chapter annual program was presented at the 2013 Texas Library Association (TLA) Annual Conference on April 26, Fort Worth, TX.  The title of the program is Ethnic and Racial Diversity in Academic Librarianship.   Academic libraries have long recognized the importance and benefits of recruiting librarians from diverse backgrounds as essential to their overall mission. This program presented the historical and current state of ethnic and racial representation in academic librarianship, and resources and strategies for recruiting and retaining of librarians of color.   Speaker is Hui-Fen Chang, Assistant Professor/Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian at the Oklahoma State University Library. 

Chapter Poster for CALA 2013 Annual Program at the 2013 ALA Annual Conference in conjunction of CALA 40th Anniversary

The Southwest Chapter completed the poster and submitted the final version to CALA 2013 Annual Program Committee for the ALA/CALA 2013 conference program to commensurate CALA’s 40th Anniversary.  The poster showcases Southwest Chapter history, achievements and outstanding members Dr. Ling Hwey Jeng, Dr. George Yi, George Toeh and David Ta-Ching Liu. Members participating the poster project include Irene Ke (University of Houston), Leping He (Arizona State University), Klairon Tang (Houston Community College), May Lynn Lee (Highlands Ranch Library, Colorado) and Hui-Fen Chang (Oklahoma State University).  Poster presentation will be held at the ALA 2013 Annual Conference in Chicago on June 30, 2013. 

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board: