CALA Board Meeting II Minutes, Jan. 26, 2013

2012/2013 CALA Board Meeting II Minutes
ALA Midwinter Conference in Seattle, WA
January 26, 2013 (Saturday), 07:00 - 10:00 pm
Location: Red Lion Hotel, Belltown


Board of Directors Present:
Esther Lee, Haipeng Li, Min Chou, Lisa Zhao, Maria Fung, Li Fu, Lian Ruan, Carol Gee, Liana Zhou, Joy Wang, Qi Chen, Bonnie Fong, Lian Ruan.

Absence requested & approved:
Shu-hua Liu, Win Yuan Shih, Dajin Sun, Songqian Lu, Luo Zhou, Shuyong Jiang, Jie Huang, Cecilia Poon, Frank Xu, Wen-ling Liu, Hong Miao, Bin Zhang, Mongxiong Liu,

Absent: Guoqing Li, Charlene Chou, Hui-Fen Chang.

Guests:  Manuel Urrizola, Shali Zhang, Emily Chan, Wei Cen, Em Claire Knowles, Ken Yamashita, Loida Garcia-Febo, Rob Banks, Ying Zhang, Dora Ho, Yi Han, Courtney Young, Gina Paschini, Donna Scheeder, Mario Gonzales, Maribel Castro, Patty Wong

  1. Welcome and self introductions were conducted.

CALA President, Presiding Officer, Esther Lee, called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm. Self introductions were conducted.


  1. Guests to CALA Board Meeting
    Mario Gonzales
    , ALA Treasurer 2013 candidate, came to speak to us at 7:05 pm. Mario had served as the liaison for the ALA Exe. Board to CALA in the past. He came to ask for CALA’s support in his upcoming election for the ALA Treasurer position.  He indicated that if elected treasurer for ALA, he would advocate a transparent finance process for ALA. Form more partnerships with other organizations and promote diversity. He appreciated CALA’s commitment to diversity and will work with CALA more closely.

Courtney Young, Candidate for CALA President Elect/Vice President 2014-2015 came to speak to the CALA Board at 7:10 pm. Courtney asked for CALA’s support and indicated if elected, she would work hard and closely with the five ethnic caucuses, get them more involved withal, promote and value membership of ALA & CALA and actively engage the communities to promote librarianship.

Lodi Garcia-Feb., candidate for the IFLA Governing Board, also came to speak to the Board at 7:20 pm. Lodi is past president of REFORMA, and had served on the ALA Council. Her themes of running for the IFLA governing board include engaging diverse/multicultural communities, advocacy for freedom of expression, embracing technology and supporting international librarianship.

Clare Bohrer, the other candidate for the ALA Treasurer for 2013, also attended and spoke to the CALA Board at 7:30pm. She is a public librarian, a director and a trustee. She had served on the ALA Budget & Finance Committee in the past. She also advocated for finance transparency but emphasized more on fiscal responsibility, impact on community and raising funds for projects such as the Spectrum Scholarship Program.  She also indicated her commitment to diversity.

Donna Scheeder, Candidate for IFLA President Elect/Vice President, came to speak to the Board at 7:40 pm. She is currently serving as IFLA Treasurer. She served in the past as the Deputy Chief Information Officer for Congressional Services at the Library of Congress. She indicated her high level of familiarity with IFLA operations and would like to seek CALA’s endorsement for her election.

Barbara Immroth, the other candidate for ALA President Elect/Vice President 2014-2015, came and spoke at 7:50 pm. She asked for CALA’s support in the election and indicated if elected, her initiatives would include global outreach, particularly to China, other communities, developing positive solutions, promoting a high level of excellence,  a national voice, being more inclusive, and supporting existing programs such as the Spectrum Scholarship Program and the Emerging Leaders Program.

Rod Banks, our new liaison from the ALA Exe. Board, came to speak at 8:05 pm. He reported on the following issues from ALA:

  • ALA Midwinter registration was good, over 10,000 at this point;
  • School library campaign going well;
  • Dues proposal-slow and incremental increase;
  • Digital content working group formed;
  • Community engagement
  • New director for ALA Office for Diversity – Michelle Washington.

Patty Wong, Co-Chair for the Task Force for ALA Presidential Initiative came to speak on behalf of incoming ALA President, Barbara Stripling. She presented the document called Libraries Change Lives, and asked CALA’s support for the initiative.

  1. Board & Executive Committee Meeting

Since no quorum was established, Presiding Officer Esther Lee declared that the meeting will be carried on and the Executive Committee will vote on action items on behalf of the Board. Other Board members were invited to participate in the discussions of the agenda items and give advice to the Executive Committee.

  1. Approval of Agenda
    Presiding Officer, Esther Lee, called to approve the agenda. Suggestions of amending the agenda were as follows:
  1. Moving two items earlier on the agenda: the ALA Resolution and the IRC Recommendations, as requested.
  2. Correction: under XIV. Committee Reports, G. Conference Travel Grant Committee chair should be Ying Xu (not Co-Chairs Yongyi Song & Daijin Sun).

Motion was made to approve the amended agenda and seconded. Voting was conducted. The agenda was approved.

  1. CALA’s 40th Anniversary – ALA Resolution
    Dora Ho and Em Claire Knowles presented to the Board the ALA Resolution they drafted in support of CALA’s 40th anniversary. The goal is to solicit support from the ALA Council. The Board was thankful to both for the effort. A motion was made to approve the resolution and then seconded. Voting was conducted and all in favor. The motion passed.
  2. IRC’s Nominations to IFLA sections and Endorsement for Nominations to IFLA President Elect/Vince President and Governing Board

The CALA IRC presented the recommendation to CALA nominations of Min Chou to serve on the IFLA Information Literacy Section and Michael Bailou Huang to serve on the IFLA Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section. While the Board felt the nominations were good, a few members asked for more information to share about the role of these nominations. IRC representative Shali Zhang responded all information and criteria were from IFLA and were sent out in the call for nominations announcements on the CALA list.

The CALA IRC also presented the recommendation to CALA’s endorsement for the nomination of Donna Scheeder for the IFLA Presidential Candidate and Loida Garcia-Febo to run for the IFLA governing board.

After some discussions the vote was conducted. All voted Yes to approve the IRC recommendations.

  1. Approval of Minutes

Motion was made to approve the minutes and seconded. Voting was conducted and all were in favor to approve the following minutes:

  1. 2011-2012 CALA Board Meeting III Minutes 6-23-12 Anaheim
  2. 2012-2013 CALA Board Meeting I Minutes 6-25-12 Anaheim
  3. CALA Special Online Board Meeting Minutes Nov-8-2012


  1. President’s Report

President Esther Lee thanked everyone, Board members as well as our membership, for their hard work and dedication in the past 6 months. She encouraged all to continue the good work for the rest of the year. She asked everyone to read her report online.

  1. Executive Director’s Report

Executive Director Haipeng Li praised the outstanding leadership from CALA President Esther Lee for the past months and thanked everyone for their support.  He briefly reported on the progress of JCLC now that the conference was over. Each caucus would expect to receive a check from JCLC as conference proceeds soon to be distributed to each of the five caucuses. After that, there will be another check coming once all invoices were processed. He thanked every CALA member for his/her support for JCLC.


  1. Approval of Budget for 2012-2013

President Esther Lee presented the proposed budget for this year. Discussions were held. The two new items for this year include the $300 for the CALA Poster Session at the ALA Diversity Fair and the $150 for the IFLA/CALA Reception at IFLA Conferences. There was also a question about the increased cost for the newsletter. Haipeng explained that since the Newsletter became an online publication, cost for the publication was minimal. However supplies needed to be covered and cost for mailing print copies to those who had no online access also needed to be budgeted. A suggestion was made to consult the newsletter editors to see how much exactly would be needed. After some discussions, voting was conducted. All voted in favor of the budget, which was approved by the CALA Board.

  1. Committee Reports;
    A: Annual Conference Program Planning Committee 2012-2013

    The Committee reported on the planning of the annual program in Chicago, and also presented a budget for the Board to consider. The Board discussed the specific request for each item. After some discussions, considering the committee did a good job of raising over $1,000 already and the already allocated $1,500 for the annual program,  the Board amended the motion from the committee and approved the $900 for the cost of the proposed nine posters to be put up at the annual program location. All the extra cost needed will depend on the committee’s collaborative fundraising efforts with the CALA 40th Anniversary Task Force and the CALA Fundraising/Public Relations Committee. The amended motion was made and seconded. Voting was conducted with all in favor.
  2. Confidentiality Discussion
    The Board spent some time discussing this issue with no action taken.

Respectfully submitted by
Haipeng Li
February 6, 2013