Northern Californian Chapter

Member Roster:

Shu-Hua Liu

Vice President/President Elected
Jessica Lu

Christine Hagar

Membership Officer & Webmaster
Yiping Wang

Event Coordinator

Hong Wang

Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:


  • 1. Chinese e-Book Fair will be held on June 22, 2013

NCA chapter co-sponsored a Chinese e-Book Fair which will be held at San Francisco Public Library on June 22, 2013.  The other sponsors of this event include Culture Division, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in SF and East Asian Library, UC Berkeley.

NCA members will support the discussion forum and teach the public how to use a variety of  e-readers and tablets to navigate the Chinese collections.

Those devices include iPad,   iPad Mini,  Nexus 7, Samsung , Kindle,  Nook,  Sony  &

EZRead (易讀機, Taiwan E-reader),   遠流金庸機第二代 (Taiwan E-Reader) ,  

漢王電紙書 (China E-Reader)

  1. Angel Island Tour and Chapter Networking on May 18, 2013

NCA chapter had the Angel Island tour and networking event on May 18, 2013. The planning process of this event took some months.  First, a call was sent out to ask members to join the planning team of Angle Island trip.  Susanne Lo responded the call and joined Shu-Hua to organize the trip.  

This event started with a guided tour at the immigration station on Angela Island, which is the famous historical landmark for the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.  After the tour, we had the informal chapter meeting as well as the networking opportunity to know each other.  This event was a success. Members brought up some positive inputs such as involving in California Library Association conference as a joint body of Northern and Southern Chapters, recruitment of next generation of Chinese Americans to join CALA as well as seeking potential candidates to run N CA chapter officers and so on.

  1. Two  author events on November 8 and November 20, 2012.

In  November 2012, CALA N CA chapter co-sponsored two author events.  Both events were well-attended.  The audience and the authors had a good interaction and discussion about their books as well as the cultural issues of being a Chinese American.

The first event was cosponsored with Asian American Advisory Committee, Cultural Heritage Center of  San José State University.   

On November 8, Nona Mock Wyman came to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library to discuss her latest book Bamboo Women: Stories from Ming Quong, a Chinese Orphanage in California. In 1935, at the age of two, Nona was abandoned at the Ming Quong orphanage in Los Gatos. In this unforgettable book, Nona shares coming-of-age stories from the perspective of the women of Ming Quong against the backdrop of the San Francisco Bay Area and how their bonds of love and friendship carried them through life’s challenges.

The second event was held at Eastwind Books of Berkeley on Sunday, November 11th.  The author, David H.T. Wong shared his debut graphic novel, Escape to Gold Mountain: A Graphic History of the Chinese in North America, a vivid history of Chinese immigrants in their quest for Gold Mountain as seen through the eyes of the Wong family. 

Mr. David H. T. Wong is a Vancouver-born architect and urban ecologist who  has designed airports, houses, regional town centers and destination resorts in more than a dozen countries. His background as a biologist has helped him embrace sustainable techniques that have solidified his reputation for designing green buildings, and he has advised government and industry leaders on common sense green initiatives.

  1. Celebrating CALA 40 poster project

To respond the call from the annual conference planning committee to have a display a chapter poster, a team of 4 volunteers was formed which includes Hong Wang, Yiping Wang, Patty Wang, Jessica Lu and Shu-Hua Liu.

Shu-Hua sent out the form to all CALA N CA members to collect information for the chapter profile.  In addition, she created a document of poster timeline submitted to Mayyang Li, a member of annual conference planning.   Hong organized the information of past events. Yiping provided input of poster organization.  Jessica was in charge of making the electronic poster.    

The draft of the final poster was finished and will be presented in the CALA annual conference held in Chicago.

  1. Application of technology tool to enhance efficiency of committee discussion

Taking consideration of convenience and efficiency, N CA chapter adopted the use of Skype to replace the email for committee discussions.   Two Skype meetings were held on 8/28/12 and 10/31/12 respectively to discuss the committee transition and the chapter poster project.   The discussion was productive. The officers unanimously agreed this was an effective way of communication. 

  1. Conduct an online  survey to understand the needs

As the president of N CA chapter, Shu-Hua set the priority on enhancing communications and creating activities that members are interested.   Therefore, she created an online survey and solicited the inputs soon after she took the office in early September, 2012. 

There was a good turnout in answering the questions.  Members expressed the interests in having the networking activity, receiving the information of professional development as well as participation of cultural/author events.

  1. Share information of professional development

To response the members’ top need in keeping the knowledge and skills up to date,

Shu -Hua sent out several emails to our chapter members to share the training information of professional development including free webinar, online classes as well as fee-based workshops in the area of library technology, academic service, public service, technical service as well as leadership administration.


  • 8. Reconstruct the website

Yiping Wang, webmaster of N CA chapter is working on the project of website reconstruction.   

The old website was created with DreamWeaver which is a product of Adobe.  None of us had access to this software which has to pay to own.  Considering the ease of maintenance and access, a proposal of using the open source technology was approved in our committee meeting.

The new website is created by WordPress, a popular open source technology used by many libraries. It is now complete.

  1. Welcome the new member:

N CA chapter welcomes a new member, Tiffany Niem to join our chapter in Nov.


Respectfully drafted and submitted,

Shu-Hua Liu
On behalf of N CA Chapter