Midwest Chapter

Member Roster:

President: Lian Ruan, lruan@illinois.edu Vice President/President Elect: Yi Han, yhan27@iit.edu Immediate Past President: FuWaye Bender, fuwaye@gmail.com Treasurer: Mingyan Li, lilylmy@gmail.com Membership Committee Chair: Sherab Chen, chen.1140@osu.edu Professional Development Committee Co-Chair: Sharon Hu, chu@csu.edu Mingyan Li: lilylmy@gmail.com Web Committee Chair: Anna Ha Ha.anna.ha@gmail.com Public Relations Committee Chair: Wen-Ling Liu, wliu@indiana.edu Annual Program Planning Committee: Yi Han Nomination and Election Committee: FuWaye Bender

Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

MW Chapter President Lian Ruan’s Presidential Theme is “Reconnection and Engagement.” Following the CALA national structure model, President Ruan has worked closely with committee chairs and CALA officers to redesign the MW Chapter’s committee structure with clearly-defined duties. The new structure has enhanced the MW Chapter’s organizational management, committee performance, and communication with general membership. It has also promoted committee teamwork and leadership. She has regularly and successfully organized MW Chapter’s online board meetings five times (including one special board meeting), which were available to general MW Chapter members. Each committee formed an action plan with distinct goals. On May 3’s Board meeting, the Board approved awarding Weiling Liu the 2013 MC Chapter President Award (along with a $50 check). The Board also approved a fundraising campaign for the MW Chapter Student Travel Fund (STF) and $150 was raised. Yan Liu, from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, received the STF award and attended the MW Chapter Annual Conference on June 1. Each committee led by its chair has worked hard to implement the action plan and achieve the committee’s goals. They have made the MW Chapter a better and stronger community. Their accomplishments are listed below based on the committee reports: The Membership Committee, led by Sherab Chen, worked closely with the chapter president and other board committees on developing the Midwest Chapter into an outstanding chapter under the CALA umbrella, and to promote Chinese librarianship through member participation, student membership recruitment, and other joint activities. In particular, the Membership Committee has made the following two accomplishments: (1) They offered three free memberships to students currently enrolled in a SLIS program (using Dr. Tze-Chung Li’s donation of $50): • Contacted SLIS student leaders and sent out announcement • Reported to Chapter board meeting • Announced the reward (2) They awarded one Student Travel Fund (STF) for the June 1st 2013 CALA Midwest Chapter Annual Program* • Wrote proposal and presented to board meeting for approval • Developed application (introduction and form) and with the help of the Web Committee chair, announced, and posted the application on CALA Midwest Chapter new website. • Currently revising the fund policy and procedures handling the application, evaluation, approval and reimbursement. (**Both funds were realized because of special donations and the sound budget of the chapter.) For the promotion of membership, they assisted the March 2012 membership renewal campaign initiated by the president. They have set a goal to enhance current membership and to promote more member activities through cooperation with other board committees and via social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, and our new CALA Midwest Chapter website, including the blog. The Web Committee, led by Anna Ha, redesigned the chapter's website. The Public Relations Committee, led by Wen-ling Liu, worked on the CALA MW poster as part of the celebration project for CALA’s 40th anniversary on the national level. The poster was presented at the Midwest Chapter annual conference on June 1 and will be presented again at the 2013 CALA annual conference on June 30 in Chicago. The Professional Development Committee, led by Sharon Hu and Mingyan Li, provided e-Learning resources for self-learning RDA and FRBR and related information to all CALAMW members through cala-midwest@ku.edu. They further supplemented and developed CALAMW’s Repository System as planned: o Cooperated with the Web Committee to investigate the web system/platform for this system, by examining Google Site, Drupal, Google DOCS, etc.; Waiting for Web Committee evaluation and decision; o Updated and supplemented the previous Proposal for clarifying the goals, targets, related applications, and systems design; o Proposed and discussed a draft system name as CALSYS (CALA system); o Proposed to select a metadata schema / standard to be used, such as PREMIS; o Proposed to draft metadata structures, database design, metadata policies, etc.; o Prepared to setup a pilot/case study system in practices with Web Committee; and cooperated with CALA to encourage CALAMW members to contribute proposals for CALA and CALAMW annual meeting (“call for papers”). The Annual Conference Planning Committee, led by Yi Han, did months of planning and preparation. The annual program is held at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago on June 1. They have selected Dr. Yijun Gao as the keynote speaker. The committee reviewed and discussed the program presentation. With the chapter president Lian Ruan and other committees, especially the Web Committee’s support and help, the program is in place. The Nomination and Election Committee headed by FuWaye Bender, worked together as a team. With help from other members, the committee successfully organized the nomination and election process, and completed the election of 2013/2014 MW Chapter Vice President/President Elect smoothly and on time. The newly elected Chapter Vice President/President Elect is Sharon Hu.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board: