Member Roster:

Yunshan Ye (Editor-in-Chief)
David Hickey
Ingrid Hsieh-Yee
Lois Mai Chan

Is this an interim or annual report? Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

  • Sent out CFP twice (10/19/12; 11/13/12) via cala and ceal listserv;
  • Received a research proposal, "The globalization of the university: the case of Chinese in the US iSchools and library schools"; waiting for final draft;
  • Received a finished paper, "What do interantional students need from our libraries in their study and research? A study at Western Connecticut State University Libraries". The finished paper was reviewed by three reviewers and the final decision was not to publish. I compiled all the feedback from the reviewers and gave detailed instruction on how the author might improve the paper, and encouraged her to re-submit when completed;
  • Plan for the spring: 1) continue to send out cfp in coming months; 2) recruit peer reviewers and solicit papers at annual CEAL conference 2013 which I will attend in March.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

Proposal: expand the scope of the publication to include publishing translations of the best scholarship from China (i.e. best articles selected from the most prestigious library journals in China).

Rationale: 1) It is difficult to get high quality submissions from our existing author pool (mostly cala members in North America); 2) Scholarly articles published in China in the library field are mostly inaccessible to the English speaking world. In most other disciplines such as economics, education, political science, sociology and so forth, there are US journals that are specialized in publishing translated articles from China. But there is no such journal yet for library science. Our publication could fill in this gap and serve as a channel to introduce the best of Chinese scholarship in library science to the Western audience, while at the same time fulfilling our old mission of publishing scholarship of CALA members. This could greatly improve the quality and prestige of our publication. We could even consider changing the title of the publication, something like "Journal of Chinese American Librarianship", to reflect the expanded scope. The obvious challenge of this plan is who will do the translating job and how we might cover the costs. At this point, I would not recommend simply publishing Chinese language articles from China. That would not serve the purpose of introducing the Chinese scholarship to the Western audience.

In short, if the Board is willing to entertain this idea, I would be happy to work with the publication committee and  form a special task force and investigate and make a formal proposal.