Treasurer Report - January 2013

Is this an interim or annual report? Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

Under our former Treasurer, Songqian Lu's guidance, the various quarterly reports were prepared without much mishaps.  

The trouble with the transition of the Treasurers (Songqian Lu 2010-2012, Maria Fung 2012-2014) was the changing of Treasurer's name in most of the financial accounts.  When Songqian came to the office in July 2010 she was able to put her name in all the CALA accounts eg. Chase Bank, Janus Investment, Vanguard Investment, PayPal, and DreamHouse.  These financial and web hosting organizations would only recognize a minute from the Board that voted in the new treasurer and her name.  A smiliar minute was not available during this past transition in July 2012, other than an announcement serving as notification of the change.  Esther Lee, Songqian Lu and Maria Fung went to the Chase Bank in NY Chinatown and was able to update the Treasurer's name.  However, other companies listed above refused to update the Treasurer's name no matter how many faxes and telephone calls we made.  Both Janus and Vanguard agreed only to take away Songqian Lu's name, leaving CALA as the official title.  PayPal allows the changing of the new email address, but it still shows "Welcome Songqian Lu" when the site opens.  DreamHouse created a separate account for me, which unfortunately ended up with payment confusions until Bin Zhang stepped in and cleared up their records.

Weiling Liu and Lian Ruan of Membership Committee added the chapter information on the membership application/renewal form upon request, and it has since made the ledger-keeping much easier to manage.   

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

Please make sure to have a minute available indicating result of voting and listing names of new officers before the onset of the new fiscal.  This will make the transitions involving the commercial financial companies much more efficient.

It will be even better if Membership Committee could add the chapter information directly on CALA web contact.