International Relations Committee

Member Roster:

Michael Bailou Huang, Chair

Sally C. Tseng

Hanrong Wang

Joy Wang

Karen Wei

Frank Xu

Qinghua Xu

Shali Zhang

Is this an interim or annual report? Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

The International Relations Committee (IRC) continues to share information in CALA listserv about international conferences that might be of interest to our members. A call for CALA/USA delegates to attend 2012 Library Society of China Annual Conference and Exhibitions was sent to the CALA list in February, May, and again in October. About 3,000 people including a number of CALA members participated in the annual conference in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China, November 21-24, 2012. Please see also the report from the CALA Representatives to the Library Society of China for more information.

Michael Bailou Huang and several CALA members attended the 3rd International Conference on Library Cooperation and Resource Sharing in Capital Normal University, Beijing, China, October 31 to November 2, 2012. The conference was organized by Capital Normal University, BALIS, and Beijing Academic Network Library in cooperation with the Development Research Center of the State Council of P. R. China.  Dr. Camila Alire, Dean Emerita at the University of New Mexico and Colorado State University, 2009-2010 ALA President delivered a keynote speech at the conference titled “Where Would We Be Without Consortia?  Leveraging Our Library Resources in Today’s Demanding World Through Library Consortia.” Michael provided on-site translation from English to Mandarin and vice versa during her keynote and congratulatory speeches at the meeting. Michael Bailou Huang, Librarian, Health Sciences Library of Stony Brook University presented a keynote speech titled “Current and Future Trends in Academic Libraries in the United States.” CALA members Lili Li, Associate Professor/E-Information Services Librarian of Georgia Southern University presented “Building Innovative Library Consortia Services in the Digital Age,” Tian Xiao Zhang, Associate Professor of St. John’s University presented in absentia “The Current Practice of Pay-Per-View as a New Model for E-Article Subscriptions for American Academic Libraries,” Andrew Lee, Liaison Librarian of George Mason University and Zhimin Chen, Library Systems Manager of Saint Joseph's University presented in absentia “Liaison Librarians in Academic Libraries.”

The IRC keeps a working relationship with the Library Society of China (LSC). On October 30, 2012, Michael and Camila paid a visit to Mr. Xiangdong Yan, Secretary General and Ms. Yue Wu, International Cooperation Officer of LSC. They exchanged ideas about continuing cooperation among CALA, ALA, and LSC and renewed friendship.

On November 6, 2012, Camila presented “Enthusiasm Moves the World:  What’s Happening in Academic Libraries and Are You Ready?” in Tongji University and Shanghai Normal University. Michael presented “Subject and Embedded Librarian Services in US Academic Libraries” in Shanghai Normal University.

The IRC announced a call for nominations to serve on IFLA Standing Section Committees in CALA listserv on November 21, 2012. CALA calls for nominations to serve a four-year term (2013-2017) to represent CALA on the two IFLA committees on Information Literacy and Library Services to Multicultural Population respectively.  

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

To: CALA Board

From: The International Relations Committee, CALA

Subject: Request the CALA Board’s approval of the IFLA Section Standing Committees nomination

Date: January 4, 2013

The IRC carefully reviewed applications from CALA members who responded to the call to serve on the Information Literacy Section and Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section and request that the CALA Board approves the nominations of Min Chou to serve on the Information Literacy Section and Michael Bailou Huang to serve on the Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section.

The Nomination Form for Standing Committee Members for IFLA Sections August 2013-August 2017 together with a completed Nominee’s Consent Form will reach IFLA HQ before February 6, 2013.