JLIS Editorial Board


First, as far as the Editorial Board itself is concerned, every member is committed to professional excellence and collegial teamwork. Aside from enlightening and advising the new editor to adjust to the work environment, all members have cooperated with the editor in, among tohers, communicating issues constructively and conducted reviews of the submitted articles in a timely and thoughtful fashion. One member whose term was to expire did not receive adequate information from CALA leadership regarding the possible continuation to the second term. After discussions, especially out of his understanding of and his commitment to CALA, he has graciously agreed to serve for the second term, and will be able to start reviewing submitted articles till a later time after his current busy schedule. This is an Editorial Board of highly productive and honorable members.

Second, as far as the submitted articles are concerned, five articles were submitted and processed as of January 10, 2013 (See enclosed Table 1). Among others, the subjects covered range from American e-government, American state library laws, Asian/Pacific Islanders librarians, and Indian dissertation research trends, to digital curation of historical data. Most of the authors are CALA members and librarians/professors in the U.S.; one author is from India; and one author is a professor of history from Hong Kong, China. The authors’ identities of the first submitted article on American e-government in July 2012 were accidentally revealed, so two leading experts in e-government and open access from outside of the board were invited to review the article. Besides a board member to review the article on American state library laws and citizens’ participation, one expert in law librarianship outside of the board was also invited to review the article. In total, three experts outside of the board have been invited for reviews.

Out of the five articles, one article was withdrawn by the authors partly due to their considerations of new federal government restrictions; one article was rejected before going through the blind review process because it is not fitting rightly in the scope of the journal, and its research design and methodologies are deemed to have very limited relevance to JLIS audience; one article is under processing; two articles have been finalized and accepted after revisions are made satisfactorily according to reviewers’ comments.

Two book reviews in Chinese language were submitted, but forwarded to JLIS Taiwanese editors for decision making. It was informed that the two book reviews were accepted after revisions.

Third and lastly, in addition to continuing the reviewing and processing of the submitted articles for even better effects, the English Editorial Board plans to communicate more closely with CALA leadership and Taiwanese counterparts in hope to further improve the editorial workflow. In addition, the Board plans to comprehensively improve and create documentation files and guidelines for the whole editorial in hope to make the editorial process to be more author/reviewer-friendly.

Encl.: Table 1. CALA JLIS English Articles’ Submission and Processing during July 2012–January 2013

Table 1. CALA JLIS English Articles’ Submission and Processing during July 2012 – January 2013




Reviewer 1

Reviewer 2

Review Results

Final Result

“Open Government,” Digitization and Information Sharing in the U. S. 论美国的“开放政府的政策”与数字化和信息共享

Librarians of a federal department, U.S.

U.S. e-government and digitization at federal level

Library School professor of a public university,  invited

Librarian, professor of a public university, invited

accept w/ minor revision

accepted but authors withdrawn

U.S. State Library Laws about the Citizen’s Role and Rights
in Public Library Matters

Associate Professor/Librarian of a public university, U.S.

U.S. state laws, public libraries, and local communities

JLIS committee member

Law librarian, researcher of a private university, invited

accept w/ minor revision

Accepted for publishing after revisions

Asian/Pacific Islander Librarians Demographics and Career Choices 美国亚太裔图书馆馆员:基本特征和事业发展

Administrator/Librarian of a public univesity, U.S.

Asian Librarians and Pacific Islander Librarians in  U.S.

JLIS committee member

JLIS committee member

accept w/ minor revision

Accepted for publishing after revisions

Research Trends in Horticulture : A Bibliometric Analysis of Doctoral Dissertations 1991-2010

Librarian of a public auniversity, India

Doctoral Dissertations in horticulture in two public universities in  India



decided by the editor

rejected: not fitting in JLIS scope

A Treasury of Tribute: Challenges of Multi-Source and Bilingual Data Curation 中國貢品交換制度研究:多資源及雙語數據管理之案例

Professor of history, Hong Kong; Librarian in a public library, U.S.

Historical data, digital curation, and multilingual media

JLIS committee member

JLIS committee member

In process



Submitted by Chengzhi Wang
for CALA JLIS Editorial Board