Public Relations/Fundraising Committee

Member Roster:

Chair:  Sally C. Tseng

      Co-Chair:  Jia Mi

      Qi Chen

      Maria Fung

      Yi Liang

      ShaLi Zhang          

FuWaye Bender (We regret that FuWaye has resigned herself from the Committee because she said that she has not worked in the library profession for the past two years.)


Is this an interim or annual report?

Interim report


The year 2013 has a special meaning to CALA.  CALA is 40 years old.  That means some CALA leaders have retired or they are in their prime with their careers at peak positions.  Besides their own successful careers, CALA leaders have encouraged, inspired, mentored and promoted younger generation of librarians to the profession.  They may want to establish scholarships, research and professional development grants in support of other CALA members – our CALA leaders of tomorrow.  We have issued calls for donations to the profession for $10,000 or more to establish such scholarships or grants under each donor’s name.  The amount of $10,000 is the minimum amount to be eligible to bear a name under such Grant or Scholarship.  We are also working closely with CALA President Esther Lee and CALA Executive Director Haipeng Li on fundraising, and our members are soliciting advertisements for the 2012/2013 Membership Directory.


We would like to raise funds in support of President Lee’s 2012/2013 CALA Presidential Initiative Funds with the following focuses:


  1. To raise funds for celebration of CALA's 40th anniversary that includes celebration at the CALA Awards Banquet, and other expenditures during ALA Annual Conference in Chicago in June 2013.


  1. To raise funds including solicitation of advertisements for President Lee’s presidential initiatives in support of ALA Spectrum Scholars, Emerging Leaders Programs, existing or newly established Professional Development Grants and Scholarships, international conferences for global outreach, cultural exchanges, and other significant events.   Although we know that the monetary supports such as to ALA Spectrum Scholars, Emerging Leaders Program, CALA scholarship, Travel Grants have been giving from CALA’s general fund, we hope to raise funds in support of the above expenditures.


  1. Additional available funds raised may be used for inviting CALA Program speakers, donors, and special dignitaries to our Annual Awards Banquet, for gift-drawings, and for publicities, printing flyers and brochures, postage, mailing, equipment usage, 40th Anniversary souvenirs and other miscellany.


  1. When sufficient funds are raised, we may provide appropriate subsidy for each CALA member who will be attending the Awards Banquet for the celebration of the CALA’s 40th Anniversary.


List significant activities the committee has done since last report:


1.  Prepare and distribute news releases


Working closely with Esther Lee, CALA President and Haipeng Li, CALA Executive Director and the International Relations Committee, the Committee had assisted in publicizing CALA’s events, We’ll make announcements to promote CALA by distributing news items on CALAlist, CALA Newsletter and other publications unless the news have been reported by another CALA officer, e.g., from the CALA President, Executive Director, or other Committee Chairs.


2.  Organize fundraising activities and programs to support CALA


  1. Currently, we are working closely with Esther and Haipeng to request donations and advertisements from library leaders, distributors, publishers, vendors and potential donors.


  1. In addition to 2a, we are working with a few additional CALA members on raising funds for CALA.  We sent fundraising letters to potential donors and advertisers.  Each Committee member has committed to do his/her best to solicit advertisements and donations.  A drafted sample fundraising letter has been given to Committee members. 


  1. We are honored to receive promises from a couple of CALA leaders who have pledged to donate more than $10,000 to establish Grants under their names. 


  1. We are happy to report that we have received over $1,000 dollars for donations to an existing Grant in CALA and more than $2,000 donations and pledge in support of CALA Program and Awards Banquet in Chicago for the celebration of CALA 40th Anniversary. 


  1. We want to take this opportunity to thank our donors and future donors – Your generous donations and support will mean so much to CALA and all of us in the Public Relations and Fundraising Committee.  Thank you very much! 


In celebrating CALA’s 40th Anniversary, we hope to attract more donations so as to encourage members’ professional growth for years or generations to come.  Our goal is to raise funds that will exceed the highest amount of funds raised in any year of the previous years.  However, we are still far from reaching our goal.  We shall continue to work diligently on fundraising for the next few months.  We are COUNTING on your strong support and generous donations to CALA.


CALA is a U.S. Internal Revenue Code IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit library association – donations are tax deductible under section 170 of the Code.  Any amount of donation to CALA will be appreciated.  Please assist us in fundraising. 


Please kindly send your or your friend’s check payable to CALA, to Maria Fung, CALA Treasurer, her address is listed below. 


            Ms. Maria Fung

            CALA Treasurer

            Chinese American Librarians Association
            39 Bowery
            PMB 807
            New York, NY 10002


We are grateful for your support and we will continue our promotion for excellent services to our members and the library profession!  


List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:


In return, each donor will have our heartfelt thanks.  For donors with $1,000 and up they WILL each receive a complimentary ticket to the 2013 CALA Awards Banquet for the celebration of the CALA’s 40th Anniversary.  For donors with $2,000 and up each will have a chance to speak for two-three minutes at our Awards Banquet, and have an honorable mention with a logo for the COMPANY printed in our PROGRAM flyers and on CALA Website.




The Committee requests the Board to approve the above recommendations.



Respectfully submitted by



Sally C. Tseng, Chair, on behalf of the

CALA Public Relations/Fund Raising Committee