Executive Director’s Report


Executive Director’s Report

Haipeng Li

January 10, 2013


Happy New Year, everyone!

This year, CALA has seen an exciting six months under the great leadership of President Esther Lee, and now is welcoming the new year of 2013. Happy holidays!


Several major events took place during the past months where CALA played an important role both on the domestic scene as well as in the international arena. JCLC highlighted the important joint efforts from the five ethnic caucuses in addressing the issue of diversity in the profession, of which CALA was a critical partner. In Sept. of 2012, over 30 CALA members attended JCLC conference in exploring how diversity can be further promoted and in celebrating the diversity we have among ourselves. Many attendees enjoyed the conference greatly. CALA had a panel session where five speakers presented. President Esther Lee also served on the caucus presidents’ panel moderated by ALA President Maureen Sullivan.


The CALA 21st Century Librarian Seminar Project was resumed this year. The seminar was held from July 5 to July 9, 2012 at Yunnan University of Nationalities in Kunming, Yunnan, China. The CALA Team consisted of four CALA members as presenters led by team leader Xiaoli Li from Northern California Chapter. The Team was joined by ALA Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels who served as the keynote speaker for the seminar. Over 100 attendees from 15 institutions participated in the event. Feedback on the program was highly positive.


In November, a US/CALA delegation headed to China to participate in several events: the Library Society of China Annual Conference in Dongguan, the Guangzhou Public Library Symposium in Guangzhou and an RDA Professional Development Program in Hong Kong. Speakers/participants worked very hard to make these events successful.


CALA’s participation in these events has made high impact, raising CALA’s visibility and projecting its leadership at all levels. CALA will need to continue these efforts both at home and abroad, exploring further opportunities to collaborate with partners and expand our horizon beyond our usual comfort zones. This will also create many opportunities for our members to get involved in our programs. Once they do, they will develop a sense of belonging to our organization and will further contribute to the success of CALA.


Looking ahead, CALA’s 40th anniversary is approaching. Many members are at work gearing up the efforts for a celebration of our association.  

Wishing everyone another prosperous year!