Member Roster:

President: Lian Ruan, lruan@illinois.edu

      Vice President/President Elect: Yi Han, yhan27@iit.edu

      Immediate Past President: FuWaye Bender, fuwaye@gmail.com             

      Treasurer: Mingyan Li, lilylmy@gmail.com

      Membership Committee Chair: Sherab Chen

      Professional Development Committee Co-Chair: Sharon Hu, chu@csu.edu,

             Mingyan Li, lilylmy@gmail.com

      Web Committee Chair: Anna Ha Ha.anna.ha@gmail.com

      Public Relations Committee Chair: Wen-Ling Liu, wliu@indiana.edu,

      Annual Program Planning Committee: Yi Han

      Nomination and Election Committee: FuWaye Bender

Is this an interim or annual report? Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

  1. In June 2012, the MW Chapter President compiled the MW Chapter committee duties after consulting with CALA leaders and MW chapter members.
  2. In June, the MW Chapter President formed six committees after calling for volunteers.
  3. July 2012, established Chapter Board with each committee chair modeling the national board structure. Committee members reviewed responsibilities.
  4. August 2012, the first online MW Chapter Board Meeting was held with full board member participation and discussed committee business in details. The approved meeting minutes were shared later with the general MW membership
  5. Late August the Special Board Meeting was held and decided to open the Board Meeting to the general membership.
  6. On September 26, the second online MW Chapter Board Meeting was conducted in Open and Closed sessions.  
  7. In Sept. the President received a donation of $50 to support students’ CALA membership. MW Chapter Membership Committee will use the fund to recruit new library school students to join CALA. The  MC Chair Sherab Chen and member Mei Wang promoted CALA at an international conference held in Peking University.   

          8. In October, committees submitted action plans detailing their goals and activities.