Sally Tseng Professional Development Grant Committee

Member Roster:

Ying Xu, co-Chair

Songqian Lu, co-Chair

Cathy Yang

Susan Matveyeva

Margalit Susser

Weipang Zhang

Sally Tseng (Ex Officio)

Is this an interim or annual report? Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

This year, Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant Committee will arrange two activities:

In celebrating the 40th Anniversary of CALA, the Sally Tseng Grant will donate $1,000 to support the CALA Annual Awards Banquet which is taking place in June, Chicago, during the ALA Annual Conference.

The Sally Tseng Grant will give $1,000 to sponsor selected applicant(s).

Committee co-Chairs are working with the members in drafting a call for application of the Sally C. Tseng Professional Development Grant. We expect to send out the call to CALA members by end of January.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

The Sally C. Tseng’s Grant has been established in CALA for 10 years.  The Tseng’s funds in CALA has not been invested well.  The Committee recommends that Sally C. Tseng, the original donor, to manage and invest, in mutual fund or stocks, the existing Tseng’s Funds in CALA so as to generate growth with dividends for future awards.

Action:  The committee requires approval from CALA Board that the remaining money of Tseng’s Grant be invested by Sally Tseng.