CALA 40th Anniversary Celebration Ad-Hoc Committee

Member Roster:

Maria Fung (Co-Chair)

Liana Zhou (Co-Chair)

Min Chou

Dora Ho

Sai Deng

Lili Li

Yingqi Tang

Sally C. Tseng

Lisa Zhao

Is this an interim or annual report? Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

Liana Zhou and Maria Fung drafted a list of programming ideas and routed it among the CALA 40th Anniversary Celebration Ad-Hoc Committee members.  The ideas pending discussions are:

1) Pin - Lisa Zhao and the 2013 Conference Program Committee came up with an excellent idea of giving out CALA pins to attendees at our 2013 Annual Conference and as memorabilia to our members.  Our president, Esther Lee, suggested for a gold pin with "CALA" in the middle.  We would like members from both Conference Program Committee and CALA 40th Anniversary Celebration Ad-Hoc Committee to shop around for the best price for this project.   

2) Slow boat down Michigan River - Esther suggested for CALA to sponsor/co-sponsor this program during 2013 ALA Annual for members.  Committee is planning to work with our president and the Finance Committee to discuss options on sponsorship.  Our co-chair, Liana Zhou, will look for the best pricing, and the possibility of chartering a boat just for our organization.  

3) We would like to invite members from all the ALA affiliated organizations to the 40th anniversary dinner (1 table each, all free for performers or discounted for the whole group).  We are also planning to ask each of the affiliated organizations to sponsor a program - be it singing or dancing or any fun programs suitable for party settings.  We plan to work closely with the 2013 Local Arrangements Committee to see the feasibility of such idea - restaurant setting etc. 

4) Again, we would like to invite Mauuel Urizola to MC our annual party.  This round we plan to encourage our own members from American and overseas to do representative ethnic dancing / singing / musical instrument playing such as mountain dancing (山地舞) from Taiwan or dancing/music from Sichuan (四川) or Yuen Nang (云南) etc. 

5) Prizes - will work with our president on budget and ideas.

We welcome other ideas and suggestions on how to make the occasion more festive.  

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board: