Guidelines on Nominating CALA Members to Serve on IFLA Section Standing Committees

Submitted by CALA International Relations Committee in December, 2011

Approved by CALA Board in January 2012



The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) joined the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) as a national association member effective September 2011. CALA's IFLA membership number is US-0009. As a national association member, CALA automatically belongs to Management of Library Associations (Section 40). CALA also belongs to the following sections: Information Literacy (Section 42) and Library Services to Multicultural Populations (Section 32). (IFLA Section list can be found at

The IFLA Statutes state that only member associations and institutions can nominate individuals for committee appointments, and that those organizations can nominate an individual only if that organization belongs to the IFLA section to which the individual is being nominated. As an association member of IFLA, the Chinese American Librarians Association nominates representatives to IFLA standing committees. The CALA International Relations Committee (CALA IRC) reviews the names of those nominated or self-nominated and recommends to the CALA Board for the final nominations to IFLA. The procedures outlined below are used for identifying candidates for CALA Board endorsement.

Terms of appointment

IFLA calls for nominations to standing committees every two years, in the fall of an odd numbered year (e.g., calls for nominations go out in the fall of 2007 for a term beginning in 2009; 2009 for a term beginning in 2011, etc.). This means that the CALA International Relations Committee must have their nominees identified and ready to send to the CALA Board by the end of the corresponding even numbered years no later than the CALA Annual conference.

An IFLA committee member serves for a four-year term. The committee member can then be reappointed for a second four-year term.

An individual can serve for only two consecutive four-year terms on one of the IFLA committees to which CALA belongs.

Criteria for Selection

The CALA International Relations Committee recommends an individual for an IFLA committee appointment to the CALA Board. The CALA IRC should evaluate individuals based on the following criteria at the point of placing their names in nomination for an IFLA standing committee.


  • The representative shall be a CALA member in good standing.
  • The representative satisfied IFLA requirements for nomination to an IFLA standing committee.
  • The representative should have a knowledge of at least one working language of IFLA (English is a working language) and should have reasonable expectation of attending meetings of the standing committee without cost to IFLA.
  • If appointed, the CALA representative must fully participate in the IFLA committee’s annual meetings and conferences. A timely report must be submitted to CALA IRC and CALA Newsletter for broad dissemination.
  • If the appointed individual is not able to serve the committee capacity, CALA IRC will recommend other individuals to the CALA Board to fill in the gap.


The following are not listed in priority order. They are meant merely to provide general guidance.

  • Should be fully conversant with the theories underlying the area in question.
  • Should have been engaged in operations or activities in the area concerned for a substantial period of time.
  • As appropriate to the assignment, should have had experience with national or international standard-setting activities.
  • Should be articulate and persuasive.
  • Should possess demonstrated abilities in leadership and in dealing with people tactfully.

Documentation supporting a candidate for an IFLA Standing Committee

The candidate should submit the following to the CALA IRC:

  • A C.V. and a letter describing why the individual's qualifications make him/her a good choice for serving on the appropriate committee, and sample reports from the individual for the past professional events.
  • Statement of acceptance

If recommended by the IRC as a nominee, and subsequently approved by the CALA Board, the nominee provides the following as required by IFLA in addition to the above information to the CALA Board through the President and Executive Director.

  • A statement of the nominee that he/she accepts the nomination;
  • A statement by the nominee that he/she can fulfill the working language and travel requirements

A standard form that combines the above statements from the nominee titled “the Standing Committee Nominee consent form” can be found at


CALA should submit the following to IFLA:

CALA President or Executive Director should submit the Standing Committee nomination form and the Standing Committee Nominee consent form received from the CALA candidate to IFLA. (The Standing Committee nomination form and the Standing Committee Nominee consent form can be found at