2012 Local Arrangement Committee

Your Name: Ying Xu and Manuel Urrizola

Your Email: yxu1@calstatela.edu; manuel.urrizola@ucr.edu

Member Roster:

Ying Xu (co-chair)

Manuel Urrizola (co-chair)

Wenwen Zhang

Joy Wang

Yongyi Song

Maggie Wang

Winyuan Shih

(The Committee worked closely with Weiling Liu, Songqian Lu and Maria Fung, and extends its sincere thanks to them for being always there to provide prompt support whenever we needed them.)

Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

The Committee is charged to arrange for the Annual Awards Banquet in Anaheim during the ALA Conference and has accomplished the following tasks:

  1. Negotiated a 9-course dinner of the following menu with King Harbor Seafood Restaurant:  Asparagus Soup with Crab Meat; 5 to 5.5 lb House Special Lobster with Yee-Mein Noodles; Peking Duck; French Style Beef Chunk; Black Mushroom with Chinese Greens; Walnut Shrimp; Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet; House Special Fried Rice; Taro and Black Beans sweet soup.
  1. Sent out the Banquet Announcement and reminders to multiple listservs to promote the event. Early bird registration closed on June 11. As of June 18, there are 126 participants.
  1. Early bird registration (by June 11) is $30 for members and $32 for nonmembers. After June 11, registration is $38 for all members and $45 for nonmembers. The prices are set firm by CALA president with the Committee. Most registrants followed the rules.
  1. Designed a brochure/program for the Awards Banquet which was sent out to CALA members together with the announcement and reminders.
  1. Arranged a local bus company to provide transportation for CALA guests between  Convention Center and the restaurant. Bus will start picking up guests at 5:30pm right after CALA Membership meeting. Details will be posted later.
  1. Recruited performers for the banquet. There will be games, dancing, and singing at the Banquet.
  1. Will bring in all presentation equipments including computer, microphone and speakers for the Banquet in the evening at the restaurant and the CALA Program in the afternoon at the Convention Center.