Executive Director’s Report

June 15, 2012

Haipeng Li

The year goes by fast.  We are approaching the end of year 2011-2012. As we are planning for the many events of CALA to be held at ALA Annual in Anaheim, California, in June this year, we are also celebrating the many accomplishments that have been made under the outstanding leadership of President Min Chou.  In addition to the many highly visible projects under the Presidential Initiative this year including the CALA-Tongji University academic library leadership international conference which was a huge success and the successful fundraising for the ALA Spectrum Scholarship Program, and the CALA offering  of scholarships in promotion and support of  JCLC, among others, President Min Chou has led our organization to have stayed on a focused path, a path that would lead us to further success, if sustained in the future.

This year CALA has also witnessed challenges. With the increasing number of CALA members joining CALA from very diverse backgrounds, and with the increasingly higher visibility that CALA has achieved, CALA has been trying to align itself with the professional practices of other mainstream library associations by following our strategic directions, guidelines and rules and procedures.  While this process is welcomed by most CALA members, it has certainly met with challenges.  

As officers, it is our responsibility to follow the Board’s decisions and abide by our constitution and bylaws. I hope these are good learning opportunities for all of us, particularly for our Board members. These past few years have posed many challenges, but it is important to stay on the right course and be clear about our directions.  The most important lesson some of us have learned but a few do not realize is the lack of a sense of following basic rules and procedures, even the most common ones, as practiced in other professional organizations.  This is an area of critical importance for our association that we have to address. Without doing so, it will be difficult for CALA to become what we can truly call a “professional” organization. Let’s all work together in a team to promote the betterment of this organization.