Membership Committee

Your Name: Lian Ruan; Weiling Liu

Your Email:;

Member Roster:

•     2011-2012

o     Lian Ruan (Co-Chair) (2011-2013)

o     Weiling Liu (Co-Chair) (2011-2013)

o     Elaine Dong

o     Bin Zhang (2011-2012)

o     Hong Ma (2011-2012)

o     Xue-Ming Bao (NE Chapter)

o     Jie Huang (SW Chapter)

o     Tanya Cao (S. CA Chapter)

o     Yiping Wang (N. CA Chapter)

o     Jinong Sun (SE Chapter)

o     Sherab Chen (MW Chapter)

o     Raymond Wang (Mid-Atlantic Chapter)

Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

Our significant activities the committee has done since the interim report are highlighted below:

  1. Following the committee’s plan, we conducted the nation-wide membership recruitment and retention drives in multiple ways and reached out to new, renewal and potential members. The notable group of members we have recruited is from Mainland China.
  2. To maintain an accurate membership database, we made tremendous efforts that are outlined in the attached report (see attachment 1). 
  3. We achieved the membership drive goal of 500. As of May 30, 2012, we have 509 paid and active members. Among them, four are institutional members, 252 are life members (50%), and 83 are new members (16%).  Of 83 new members, 50 are from Mainland China (60% of the new and 9.8% of total). Renewal members are 174 (34% of total), 127 of which were 2011 members, 53 were members of earlier years, and six have upgraded to Life members. To our knowledge, this is the highest number CALA has achieved for paid and active members.
  4. We ensured smooth May’s annual CALA elections on national and local chapter levels by providing election committees the current member name lists. We also provided services to CALA committees about qualified candidates’ membership status.
  5. We redesigned the Membership Directory and are ready to make the hard copy and mail it to members in June.  

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board: 

The Membership Committee makes the following suggestions in the four areas. The first three we made in the interim report. We repeat them because we believe they are still relevant and important.

1)  "Rolling" Year Membership

o follow up on the rolling year membership, on September 14, 2011, Co-Chairs Lian Ruan and Weiling Liu sent an email to President Min Chou and Executive Director Haipeng Li to ask them to check if the Board had approved the recommendation of rolling year membership made by the previous membership committee.  If the rolling year membership had not been approved yet, we requested them to hold an immediate virtual board meeting according to CALA procedure. We believe the Rolling Year Membership issue needs an immediate attention since it is closely associated with the implementation of CALA's new membership database management system (CiviCRM), which in term affects the efficiency of membership management and the quality of the CALA’s membership database for national and local chapter elections.  (see attached Pros and Cons of Rolling/Fixed Period Types, compiled by Weiling, 7/19/2011 and an addition (see attachment 2 and 3). To our dismay, the request to hold the virtual board meeting was declined and we were asked to resubmit the request along with the proposal for the upcoming Board meeting that was scheduled in January 2012. The request was discussed in the 2011-2012 CALA Board II Meeting in Dallas on 1/21/2012 and documented in the minutes (received on 2/16/2012) as follows: “ ‘Rolling’ Year Membership – sounds like a good plan in principle, but need a detailed plan in place for proposed implementation, including Constitution and Bylaws amendment, and then have the plan approved by the Board for testing first.”  However, at this time, MC priorities and efforts have been shifted to the National Membership Drive and the quality of the CALA’s membership database for national and local chapter elections. The system implementation carried out was based on the plan with Fixed Period Membership (see attachment 4).

2) Multiple Formats of the Membership Directory

The Committee suggests making the Membership Directory in multiple formats, in addition to the print, making the print version also on PDF, and the print copy available  upon request. In this way, the Board does not need to ask Membership to approve the bylaws change.  The 2011-2012 CALA Board II Meeting discussed this recommendation and documented in the minutes as follows: “Multiple formats of membership directory, including pdf – also need an implementation plan to be proposed, and tested, and approved. The Plan needs to address issues on security, privacy, access (for members and potential vendors etc.” At this point, the implementation plan has not been discussed because we have been focusing our efforts on the National Membership Drive and ensuring the accuracy of the database for the elections.

3) Clarification of Membership Categories

The CALA Bylaws Article I. Section I states membership categories and dues as follows:

 “The Association shall have eight categories of membership. The annual membership dues for each of the categories are given below:

Regular Membership $30.00

Student Membership $15.00

Non-salaried Membership $15.00

Overseas Membership $15.00

Life Membership $300.00

Honorary Membership Free

Institutional Membership $100.00

Affiliated Membership $100.00”


The Committee suggests adding a brief definition for each category. Definition for Affiliated Membership is not clear.   

The 2011-2012 CALA Board II Meeting discussed this recommendation and documented it in the minutes as follows: “Clarification of membership categories – committee needs to come up with recommendations for clarification.” Per CALA’s Handbook of Officers, the Constitution and Bylaw Committee seem to be the proper committee to provide clarification for the existing membership categories since they are part of the Bylaws document.  (FYI: In the Membership Database, there is no member with “affiliated” type.) Based on members’ feedback, we would like the same committee to review and clarify the general definition on the CALA Membership.


4) Establishment of CALA the Greater China Chapter

With the increasing interest and a good number of members, we suggest the Board approving the establishment of CALA the Greater China Chapter that covers Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, to keep up the momentum of membership recruitment and retention in this important region.

5)  Include Only Active Members in Membership Directory

Here are reasons:

  • It’s not clear if CALA has permission from inactive members to list their information in the print directory.
  • As inactive members have no further contact with CALA and their information is usually out of date, it takes CALA’s resources to maintain the records and print directories in addition to the Membership Committee’s time and efforts.