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Vincci Kwong <>, Co-chair Jian Anna Xiong <>, Co-chair Chris Kyauk <> Li Sun <> Chihfeng Lin <> Sharon Yang <> Qunying Li

Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:


We sent out a follow-up reminder for application on CALA listserv and asked CALA President help sent out such a reminder to ALA Ethnic Caucuses listserv.


We sent out another follow-up reminder for application on CALA listserv and asked CALA President help sent out such a reminder to ALA Ethnic Caucuses listserv.

We consulted CALA Board and got approval to extend the deadline for all application and reference material submissions to April 15th to get more qualified applicants.


We received 5 applications in total. One is not enrolled in the qualified program yet and was excluded from evaluation.

Evaluation grid was generated and sent to Scholarship Committee members. 

Members were asked to evaluate individually and submit their evaluation to Vincci and Anna for tally.

May and June

•     Based on the request of CALA Organizational Manual Committee, Vincci and 

Anna have reviewed and updated CALA's Handbook of Officers - Scholarship Committee section. The revised version was submitted to the Organizational Manual Committee.

•     Vincci and Anna emailed the applicants to request official documents as 

evidence of their Chinese nationality or their parents’ Chinese nationality. One applicant did not respond and so was excluded from further consideration.

•     Based on careful group evaluation of the three eligible applicants, the 

Committee made the following recommendation to CALA President, Executive Director, and the Board for their final approval.

o     CALA Scholarship winner: Wai Yi Ma, in online program of Master of Library 

and Information Science, University of North Texas (August 2011-Present). May Chua is our backup recipient for CALA Scholarship.

o     Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship of Library and Information Science winner: 

Yuting Wu, Master of Library & Information Science, San Jose State University

•     Informed recipients of their award status. Emailed recipients for their 

confirmation of acceptance of the award. The recipients are encouraged to attend CALA Award Banquet to receive the scholarships. All recipients' names and contact information are forwarded to the Mentorship Committee Co-Chairs Hong Miao and Ying Zhong for matching them with experienced CALA members. 

Announcement of the scholarship recipients to the CALA membership was sent to CALA listserv and will soon be posted on the CALA website.


List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

1.    We would like to suggest adding the request of the submission of a 

electronic copy of official document showing Chinese nationality or being Chinese descent to the online application form.

On the online form (, under “Attachments,” 

suggest to add:

Copy of Official Document showing Chinese nationality or being Chinese descent (PDF)


2.    The applicants are now asked to check which scholarship they would like to 

apply. We suspect this may cause unnecessary confusion. This year we had one strong candidate who chose to apply only one scholarship. Her evaluation was ranked the second place. But at that point, to be fair to all applicants we couldn’t contact and ask the applicant to confirm if she was sure not to be considered for other scholarships. So at the end, it is sorry to see that she was not able to be granted any scholarship. In order to avoid this happen again, we would like to recommend to change the application default to all applicants would be considered for all scholarships. If they have strong will to apply only one scholarship, they can make a special note on their application.


If the above two suggestions will be approved by the Board, next Scholarship Committee can work on the revision of the application form.