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Jia Mi <>, Co-chair

Dajin Sun <>, Co-chair Min Tong <> (2011-2013) Zao Liu <> (2011-2013) Hui-feng Chang <> (2011-2012) Nonie Xue <> (2010-2012) Joy Wang <> (2010-2012)

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This year the Publications Committee has focused on the following three major tasks:

  1. Recruiting a new editor-in-chief for the OPS.
  2. Revising the description of the Publications Committee in the CALA Manual of Officers, in collaboration with the CALA Organizational Manual Committee.
  3. Publishing a new of Spotlight featuring the CALA Project 40/40.

Owning to the concerted and diligent efforts of the committee members, Tasks 1 and 2 have been completed successfully. Through four months of tremendous work on the nomination, candidate review, and board approval, the new OPS editor-in-chief Mr. Yunshan Ye was appointed by the CALA President Min Chou on February 22, 2012. Upon the request from the Organizational Manual Committee, the two committee co-chairs reviewed and revised the current text of the Manual of Officers regarding the Publications Committee in early May. The revision was sent to the Organizational Committee for inclusion in the updated Manual. A copy of this revision is attached with this report.

Task 3 is still underway but will be complete by the end of June 2012. The Project 40/40 is an unprecedented endeavor to celebrate the historic milestone of the upcoming 40th anniversary of CALA as an organization by interviewing a large numbers of CALA leaders over the past four decades.  Dajin (co-chair) attended the initial project meeting of at the ALA Midwinter in Dallas and has been working continuously with the selected four emerging leaders and the CALA President to finalize the selection of the top quotes from the leaders interviewed. The outcome will be published in the theme issue of Spotlight.

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