Northeast Chapter

June 1, 2012

CALA Northeast Chapter Annual Report
July 2011 – June 2012


CALA Northeast Chapter had a great year. Thanks to the hard work of the Chapter officers and many of its members, the Chapter sponsored and organized several successful programs/events, and achieved the goals set by the Chapter for its 2011-2012 term.  The following are highlights of the Chapter’s accomplishments:

  • The Future Development and Service of Global Children's Librarianship Conference, August 8-10, 2011 in New York City

    Co-sponsored by the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) and the Library Society of China (LSC), and hosted by the Brooklyn Public Library, the New York Public Library, the Queens Library, and the C.V.Starr East Asian Library of Columbia University.

    The Northeast Chapter worked closely with the Library Society of China (LSC), and the 4 hosting library in making the conference a great success. A Chinese delegation of 79 library administrators and librarians joined American colleagues for a two- day program in NYC.  The conference included library tours and a series of presentations which focused on library services to children and youth, library management, and the future development of libraries. Dr. Chen Chuanfun, head of the Chinese delegation said that they gained good practical knowledge to take home to share with their colleagues.  And Ms. Zhang zhang, conference liaison for Library Society of China wrote back after returning to China that the Chinese delegates learned a lot from the libraries and librarians in US, and they look forward to more collaboration and exchange with CALA in the future. 

Min Chou and Judy Xiao, on behalf of the Chinese American Librarians Association and its Northeast Chapter, thanked the Library Society of China, the hosting libraries and CALA members for making the Future Development and Service of Global Children's Librarianship Conference such a great success!  Thank-you letters were also sent to the directors of the hosting libraries.  Haipeng Li, the Executive Director of CALA, and Lina Ding, the past President of CALA Northeast Chapter did a grea amount of work for initiating the project and working diligently on the details.  

  • First CALA Northeast Chapter Board Meeting: Friday, October 7th, 2011

    The Chapter held its first board meeting from 3:00 - 5:30 PM in New York Public Library Mid-Manhattan Library. Invited also to the board meeting were past CALA Northeast chapter presidents, as well as the current President and Vice-president of CALA. Ten officers attended the meeting.

    Judy spoke about the Global Children's Librarianship Conference in NYC sponsored by CALA and the Library Society of China back in August, and thanked everyone for making the conference such a successful event.  The meeting ended with these  program ideas for the year:

    • A holiday party with visit to the Museum of Modern Art Date in December.
    • Visiting Princeton Univ. Libraries in late April or early May of 2012
    • Annual CALA/NE Chapter symposium initiative.  A symposium planning committee will be formed to work on the initiative.
    • Food, Fun and Fundraising for Diversity: CALA Continued Support for the ALA Spectrum Scholarship. Min Chou, president of CALA spoke about the program's success and the NE chapter will help with the fundraising effort.  The Spectrum Scholarship Program provides funding to students from traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds to help with their pursuit of a Master’s degree in library and information science. 
  • CALA/NE Chapter Organized Holiday Party, Fund-Raising, and Museum Visit

    On Friday, 12/9/2011, CALA/NE Chapter hosted a fun-filled holiday event in Manhattan to celebrate the holiday season, and raise money to support ALA’s Spectrum Scholarship Program. Twenty CALA members participated in the event, enjoyed a great luncheon, and a free visit to the Museum of Modern Art.  Gift boxes of scarves and ties were raffled at the party, which raised $300 to support ALA's Spectrum Scholarship Program.  The $300 raised was given to Min Chou, the CALA President.  The Chapter thanked the participants for their generosity, and wished our members, their family and friends a great holiday season.

  • 2nd Chapter Board Meeting, Friday, March 23, 2012

    On Friday, March 23, 2012, CALA Northeast chapter board members had a meeting at the New York Public Library Mid-Manhattan Library. Agenda items discussed included:

    •  2012 Chapter election: Election for chapter officers will start in April, 2012 for the term starting July 1st, 2012 - June 30, 2013.  There will be 3 positions for the next term: Vice President-President-Elect, Membership Chair and Secretary. An election nominating committee will be formed with Judy Xiao, Charlene Zhou, and Tianxiao Zhang.
    •  A proposal was made for a three-year term for the Treasurer for CALA/NE Board in order to maintain the stability of managing the chapter's finances, and the proposal was approved by the board.
    • Our chapter will work with Queen's Public Library to host a 4-librarian delegation from China from June 16 to June 2012 as part of the Think Globally Act Globally Grant project.  Program details will follow including a tour of the NYPL library and presentation by visiting librarians.  The visitors are library directors and deputy directors of China's provincial libraries.
    • The chapter is organizing a spring program for its members to visit Princeton University Libraries. The date will be Friday, May 4. Sun Li is going to get the transportation information from Manhattan to Princeton (price and schedule). All CALA participants will have lunch paid by CALA/NE in a restaurant nearby.
  • 2012 CALA/NE Chapter Prepares for the 2012 Election

    On March 26, Chapter President Judy Xiao sent a call for nomination to members to invite nomination for the 4 chapter officer positions: Vice President/President-Elect, Secretary, Membership Chair, and Treasurer.  A nomination/election committee was formed, chaired by Judy Xiao, with Charlene Zhou and Tianxiao Zhang as its members.

  • CALA/NE Chapter to Host Symposium
    A Symposium Planning Committee for the CALA/NE Chapter 2012 Symposium was formed.  On March 23, the committee had its first meeting at the NYPL Mid-Manhattan Library in Manhattan.  12 committee members were present.  Decisions were made on the date, location, and format.  Progress was made on deciding on the symposium topic/theme.  Further discussion and planning are to be continued online via a WordPress blog site.

 Here are some highlights of the meeting:

  1. Symposium Date: Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 (morning or afternoon to be decided)
  2. Location: New York City Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Branch, Conference Room.
  3. Format: two keynote speakers, each for 45 minutes and 30 minutes at the end for a Q & A session
  4. Target Audience: all CALA/NE members and librarians in New York, and nearby states.
  5. Some of the Topics Discussed: Collaboration, collection development, and resource Sharing; The future of academic libraries; Meeting the challenges of global studies program at digital age: innovation and resource sharing: NYU, NYPL and Columbia libraries sharing their resources and collection development; Embracing the changes: cultural diversity and global outreach

·Visit to Princeton University Libraries, Friday, 5/4/2012

On Friday, 5/4/2012, CALA/NE Chapter organized a spring program to visit the Princeton University Libraries.  About twenty-five CALA members and non-members from New York and New Jersey academic and public libraries participated in this event.  We visited 3 libraries: East Asian Library, Peter B. Lewis Science Library, and Firestone Library (Princeton University‘s Main Library).  Some participants also took a free campus tour.  CALA/NE Chapter provided lunch for all participants at the Princeton University First Campus Center Café. 

Some details from the East Asian Library Visit:

Mr. Ma, Director of the East Asian Library showed the group around the East Asian Library, located in the First Campus Center.  The whole building is full of Chinese cultural artifacts:  the hallways are decorated with antique bookshelves and book cases; Chinese paper-cuttings are displayed alongside the label for each shelf.  Among the ancient Chinese paintings are two Dun Hung Buddhist paintings hanging in the corridor, and the traditional Chinese ink made us feel as if we were in a Library from the Ming Dynasty.   Alongside of its ancient Chinese elements, the Library houses monographs and journals representing materials from China, Japan and Korea. There is still a traditional card catalog in addition to the online catalog.  According to 2011 statistics, the library has about 520,000 CJK books (mostly Chinese language). It also has 16,000 Asian journals online as well as print journal (about 2,700) titles.

Director Ma gave the group a brief history of the East Asian Library.   In 1948, the East Asian Library became part of Princeton’s collections.  The Library originated with the acquisition of some rare books.   Today it strongly supports research in various East Asian Studies programs. It is the third largest Asian Library in the United States, after the Library of Congress and the Yenching Library at Harvard University.   It contains a comprehensive rare book collection dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911), and is particularly strong in medicine, Buddhism, history and literature.  This collection attracts scholars from around the world.

Many thanks to Charlene Chou who is the Chapter Vice-President, and East Asian Library Director, Mr. Ma and his staff.  They worked so hard to help us make the program possible for CALA members and colleagues from non-member institutions.  For many of the programs/events sponsored and organized by CALA/NE, we made conscious efforts to expand CALA’s influence, and to recruit new members by reaching out to colleagues who are non-CALA members and inviting them to participate in our programs.   Many librarians are talking about what they saw and learned, and how Princeton Libraries’ innovations and practices might apply to their own libraries.  For instance, St. John’s University had 6 administrators and librarians participate in this program.  After the Princeton Library visit, they submitted a detailed report to the library’s administration and made recommendations for changes and new services.  They also sent a copy of the report to the chapter, thanking us.  We quote their summary part below:


It should be noted how Princeton Libraries innovations and practices apply to the St. John’s University Libraries:

  • At the present time, there is discussion of utilization of the Library Second Floor and its housing a Digital Media Center. The Lewis Library houses both a State-of-the-Art Library Instruction Classroom and the New Media Center. Similar facilities could be planned for the Library Second Floor
  • Office hours are available for subject specialists in all three Libraries toured. They are accessible via email, AskUs Services and one on one consultation. Perhaps this is something STJ Libraries can expand.
  • Use of “embedded librarians” in Science-related classes as discussed by librarians of the Lewis Library. A video is prepared for students for various courses. Perhaps a video of this nature could be prepared by STJ librarians.
  • Firestone Library distributes print handouts for “self-guided” tours. Perhaps STJ could offer “self-guided” tours.

As a group we are grateful to CALA/NE for organizing this trip. The opportunity to visit an institution like Princeton University and to be so warmly received by the Librarians there does not present itself very often. Hopefully, we can apply some of what we saw and learned to our own Library.


  • June 16 – 6/20/2012:  CALA/NE and Queens Library Jointly Hosting 4 Chinese Provincial Public Library Directors, as part of the UIUC-CALA-LSC Think Globally Act Globally Project

    For several years, CALA/NE Chapter has worked tirelessly with the 3 partner libraries in NYC (NYPL, Queens, and BPL) to host Chinese librarians as part of the UIUC-CALA-LSC Think Globally Act Globally Project.  This June from 6/16-6/20/2012, CALA/NE Chapter and Queens Public Library will be jointly hosting the final group of Chinese librarians.  This time there are 4 librarians and below is the schedule we made for the Chinese Visitors:

    Sat. 6/16:  Arrival at LaGuardia airport on American Airlines Flight 374 from Chicago at 2:45PM, Terminal B. CALA/NE will arrange for someone to pick them up and bring them to the Sheraton La Guardia East in Flushing.

    Sun. 6/17:  Free day for sightseeing. CALA NE chapter members will meet the visitors and spent part of the day with them

Mon. 6/18:  All day at Queens Central Library meeting with different departments and ending with a tour of the Children’s Library Discovery Center, the Central Library Renovations and dinner at a restaurant in Flushing with QL President & CEO Tom Galante hosting. QL will pick them up at the Sheraton LaGuardia East to arrive at CEL at 9:30AM.

Tues. 6/19 AM- NYPL: Mr. Chang will accompany the visitors on a tour of NYPL, and take them to Flushing Library for the afternoon program. 3:30 PM- Presentations by Chinese librarians at QL @ Flushing; Open to Chinese speaking staff at 3 public libraries and CALA NE/membership. Light refreshments. Tour of Flushing Library. 6PM- Dinner in Flushing for Chinese librarians hosted by CALA/NE Chapter

Wed. 6/20:  Visitors leaving for Los Angeles.

In summary, 2011 - 2012 is a great year for CALA/NE Chapter. We have had great programs/activities for our members and the large library community, developed and strengthened our ties with our colleagues across the Tri-state area.  We will continue to work hard in making the CALA/NE Chapter Symposium a successful event in October 2012.


Submitted by
Judy Xiao

CALA/NE Chapter President