CALA Board Special Online Meeting Minutes Feb. 24, 2012

Date: Friday, February 24, 2012 11:00AM - 12:00PM Eastern Standard Time
Presiding Officer: Min Chou, President of CALA
Recording Officer: Haipeng Li, Executive Director of CALA
Parliamentarian: Manuel Urrizola
Online Meeting Technical Support Administrator: Bin Zhang

Board of Directors Present:

Min Chou, Haipeng Li, FuWaye Bender, Nancy Hershoff, Jie Huang, Esther Lee, Mengxiong Liu, Songqian Lu, Hong Miao, Dajin Sun, Manuel Urrizola, Joy Wang, Judy Xiao, Ding Ye, Bin Zhang, Li Zhang, Xiwen Zhang, Liana Zhou.

Absence requested & approved:

Maria Fung, Shuyong Jiang, Guoqing Li, Xiaoli Li, Zhijia Shen, Min Tong, Karen Wei, Frank Xu, Guopeng Zhang, Lisa Zhao,

The Presiding Officer Min Chou called the meeting to order at 11:15 am EST after the technical issues had been resolved with the assistance of Bin Zhang. She counted the attendance list on the screen, confirmed with Bin Zhang, and announced that 18 Board members were present and therefore the quorum was established. 

1. Adoption of Guidelines to CALA Online Meetings
Presiding Officer Min Chou stated that the document on Guidelines to CALA Online Meetings was still in the works. If anyone had ideas, comments or suggestions, please feel free to send them after the meeting. Since no objections were raised at this meeting, the Guidelines to CALA Online Meetings were adopted.

2. Approval of Agenda
The revised agenda was distributed to the Board and everyone should have received a copy (also posted on the screen with Bin’s assistance).  Presiding Officer asked for comments to the revised agenda and thereafter the revised agenda was approved.

3. Introduction and Announcements: Min Chou, CALA President
Introductions were conducted in the way that Presiding Officer read the participant list on the screen as it may not be feasible to do self introductions in the interest of time. She announced that 18 members were present and therefore quorum was established for this meeting.

Presiding Officer made the following announcements:

a. Fundraising: SAGE pledged $1500 and Bepress $500;
Confirmations have been received from Sage to pledge $1,500 for CALA events in Anaheim and $500 from Bepress (post meeting note: check received the following day); Executive Director Haipeng Li added that news just came that Eastview was also considering some kind of sponsorship.

b. Support the proposal for a READ poster to be made for Jeremy Lin
APALA had sent in a letter to ALA to request that an ALA READ poster be made for the Asian American basket player Jeremy Lin who recently became a start in sports. CALA Executive Committee discussed it and endorsed the idea. CALA then sent in a letter to ALA indicating CALA’s support and stated the need to recognize Jeremy Lin as a role model for Asian Americans.

c. Membership drive
This year the new membership management system was put in place thanks to the efforts from the Membership Committee and Web Committee, but the new system is still a work in progress, and some members have encountered difficulties in renewing membership. Multiple complaints were received and improvements have been made to the system. The President and the Membership Committee co-Chairs took immediate actions to address them. We had just over 300 active members back in January and now the number is over 400 as a result of the efforts launched.  Both membership renewals and new membership drive are taking place at the same time, with the assistance from chapter membership chairs and presidents to reach out to those in their chapters. Membership renewals have increased and more new members are joining as a result. Executive Director Hapeng Li added that tremendous amount of work from President Min Chou and Membership Committee Co-Chairs, Weiling Liu and Lian Ruan went into this effort, including sending out personal emails, making phone calls, or talking in person.  Much appreciation goes to President Min Chou for her outstanding leadership and the Membership Committee. President Min Chou also encouraged all to reach out to non-renewed members to renew their membership.

d. New committees/taskforces
Presiding Officer Min Chou announced that several ad hoc committees/task forces had been appointed:

-- Election Committee: chaired by Executive Director Haipeng Li; Members include: Bin Zhang, Vincci Kwong, Jen-chien Yu, and Min Chou (Ex Officio); and Dora Ho, Kuang Pei Tu and Theresa Webster will be handling the paper ballots.

-- Outstanding Library Leadership Committee in Memory of Dr. Margaret C. Fung Taskforce Hanrong Wang as chair; members are Mengxiong Liu, and Min Liu. The Committee will start working on the guidelines this year and will start giving out its first award next year.

-- 2012 JCLC Scholarship Taskforce
In support of the JCLC 2012, CALA Exe. Comm. approved 10 scholarships ($500 each)  for CALA members to participate in the JCLC conference from September 19-23, 2012 in Kansas City, MO.  CALA 2012 JCLC Scholarship Taskforce was appointed.  Members are:  Liana Zhou (Chair); Carol Gee, Dora Ho, Min Liu, and Priscilla Yu

e. Moderated Board listserv
Recently some concerns have been brought to us about the issue of the CALA Board listserv moderation. Presiding Officer Min Chou provided some background:
Last year there was an outcry on the CALA list and the need and importance to moderate CALA listservs. Also it is important to follow our rules and procedures. Our Bylaws states that Board meetings called by the President, the Executive Director, or 7 members of the Board by petition for emergency meetings in between midwinter and annual Board meetings. Board listserv is for official business while concerns also need to be addressed.

The President and the Executive Director tried our best to respond to concerns and emails, such as questions about the technical issues, requests of absence, and reports to the Board which should be sent to the President and the Executive Director. Even though we were busy dealing with urgent issues on membership renewals, we responded to some of the questions from Lisa Zhao, Shuyong Jiang, and Zhijia Shen. We will continue to respond to our members’ concerns and issues as appropriate. Official businesses take the priority while concerns are being addressed.

Presiding Officer asked the Board for comments and indicated we would like to hear from the Board if the Board listserv should be moderated. Discussion was conducted. Manuel Urrizola stated that every listserv is moderated and this is a common practice. It is relevant to continue to moderate the CALA Board listserv. Other Board members supported this suggestion.

Presiding Officer then asked if there was a motion coming forward. Manuel Urrizola moved that the Board listserv continue to be moderated. Several Board members seconded the motion: Dajin Sun, Ding Ye, Li Zhang and others.

Presiding Officer then asked for a discussion on the motion. Many Board members typed that they were in support of the motion. The Presiding Officer then called for a vote with instructions: Please vote by clicking on the green check mark for YES, and the red X for NO.

All present voted and all were in favor of the motion. Therefore the motion to continue to moderate the CALA Board listserv was approved unanimously.

4. Approval of 2011/2012 CALA Board Meeting II & CALA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Presiding Officer stated that the minutes were distributed and asked for comments, questions, suggestions. Discussion was held and no questions were raised. She restated that written requests for absence to attend Board meetings are needed to be sent to the President and the Executive Director ahead of time to obtain approval One question from a Board member: Board officer training was discussed at the last Board meeting; and if there was a plan in place to follow upon on the training of officers in Anaheim? Executive Director Haipeng Li responded that a regular session is scheduled on Friday evening in June 2012, during the ALA annual, for Board officers’ orientation.

Presiding Officer then called for voting: all voted and all were in favor. The meeting minutes were approved unanimously.

Presiding Officer added that at the CALA Board meeting in Dallas in January, there was not enough present to establish the quorum; therefore the Executive Committee acted on behalf of the Board as authorized by the C&BLs to carry on CALA business and also to accommodate all Board members and guests present for traveling to Dallas for the meeting.

5. Approval of Proposed Amendment to Constitution and Bylaws

The document on the proposed amendment to the Constitution and Bylaws was distributed earlier. All amendments to the C&BLs need to be approved by the Board. Presiding Officer indicated that the C&BLs Committee Chair had received some new information regarding the Sally Tseng Grant and the Chair requested the related portion be removed and sent back to the committee for further discussion.  

The Presiding Officer opened the floor for discussion (as this was a Motion from comm. there would be no need for a second).  

Voting was then called. All voted and all were in favor. The motion to approve the Amendment to the C&BLs passed unanimously.

6. Approval of Modified Nomination Slate as Submitted by the Nominating Committee

At the Executive Committee meeting in Dallas, the Nominating Committee was asked to modify the slate of candidates because one candidate was running for more than one position for this election.  As indicated in the revised report, the Nominating Committee approached the candidate and received agreement from the candidate. The slate at hand was modified.  

A question was raised as not being able to see the entire list of candidates. Presiding Officer read the slate to the Board.  Another question was raised about the timing for the election. Executive Director Haipeng Li responded that we have a timeline to follow, usually election is conducted in late March or early April, generally after ALA elections; the committee will start preparing for election once the slate is approved.

Presiding Officer then called for a vote. All voted and all were in favor. Therefore, the motion to approve the Modified Nomination Slate as Submitted by the Nominating Committee was passed unanimously. The following is the list of the candidates:

Vice-President Elect

  • Haiwang Yuan
  • Carol Ka-chuen Gee


  • Maria Yuen-Hung Fung
  • FuWaye Bender

Members at Large of Board of Directors

  1. Xiaoyin Zhang
  2. Wen-Ling Liu
  3. Cecilia Poon
  4. Hanrong Wang
  5. Li Fu
  6. Guoying Liu
  7. Denise T. Kwan 
  8. Songqian Lu
  9. Bonnie Fong
  10. Qi Chen

7. New business
The Presiding Officer asked if there is any new business. Executive Director indicated that there are many important initiatives going on under Min’s leadership in the areas of international programs and diversity initiatives. We will try our best to do CALA’s work and appreciate your support and understanding.

Board members commented that this was a very effective meeting; thanks go to Min for her leadership and Bin for technical assistance.

8. Adjournment
It was 12:00 pm EST. Presiding Officer asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Manuel Urrizola moved; seconded by Mengxiong Lu.Voting was called and all were in favor. The motion to adjourn the meeting passed. The meeting was adjourned at 12:01 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Haipeng Li
Feb. 26, 2012