Best Books Committee

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Member Roster:

Chengzhi Wang (Co-Chair) (2011-2013)

Min Tong (Co-Chair) (2011-2013)

Jianye He (2011-2013)

Guoying Liu (2010-2012)

Leo Lo (2010-2012)

Yongming Wang(2011-2013)

Is this an interim or annual report? Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

Based on the committee guidelines defined by previous year’s committee, recommended and selected best books for this year.

•     Distributed "Call for Recommendation"

•     Delegated team members to specific tasks and assignments

•     Recommended and reviewed candidates for the best books

•     Voted and finalized a list of best books (appendix/attachment)

•     Added Dr. Lee Hwa-wei’s book as a book of special honor for this year’s best books list based on strong recommendations from CALA members for his unusual achievements.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

•     During the book selection process, some members propose that we should include CALA members' distinguished publications (or publications that are related to CALA), even if the publishers are not located in US or Canada.

•     The eligibility requirement of "authors of Chinese descent" is difficult to determine. U.S. Census Bureau depends on self-statement of race/ethnicity from one up to multiple choices. It may not be appropriate for the committee to ask the author's racial identity or identities.