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Article. V. Chapters

Section 1. Forming a Chapter

The Board may approve the establishment of a chapter of the Association in any region or well-defined geographic area based on the petition of at least ten members of the Association employed or residing within the area.

Section 2. Duties of Chapters

Each chapter shall promote the interests of the Association and the Association's program in its assigned territory. Chapter presidents and other officers must be personal members in good standing of the Association. Chapter presidents shall be members of the Board. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article IV of the Constitution, the term of office of a chapter president may be specified by chapter bylaws. Chapter president shall submit a report of chapter activities to the executive director of the Association twice a year, one for the midwinter meeting and one for the annual meeting. Chapter treasurer shall file a financial report with the treasurer of the Association twice a year.

Section 3. Membership in Chapters

All personal and institutional members of the Association, who are either employed or reside within a chapter's geographical boundaries as established by the Board, shall automatically be members of that chapter provided that membership dues are paid in accordance with Article 1 of the Bylaws. No individual or organization can become a chapter member unless the individual or the organization is already a member of the Association in good standing. If a member resides within the boundary of a chapter that is different than where he/she is employed, the member may designate which chapter he/she wishes to join.

Section 4. Chapter Bylaws

A chapter may adopt its own bylaws provided there is no conflict with the Constitution and the Bylaws of the Association. For chapters with their own bylaws, a current copy of the bylaws must be filed with the executive director.

Section 5. Chapter Officers

A chapter may elect its own officers. Each chapter shall have a minimum of four officers consisting of a chapter president, a chapter vice president/chapter president elect, a chapter treasurer, and a chapter membership chairperson. Chapter president is responsible for filing a copy of the elected chapter officers with the executive director.

  1. Chapter Presidents. Chapter presidents are responsible to the Board for the overall activities of their chapters, ensuring that they are in consonance with the objectives of the Association. Chapter presidents are voting members of the Board. They shall submit semi-annual and annual reports of chapter activities to the Board through the executive director prior to midwinter and annual meetings.
  2. Other Chapter Officers. A chapter may elect its own officers in close coordination with the Association. Chapter officers are ultimately responsible to the Association for general operations of their chapters. Chapter treasurer shall file financial reports with the treasurer of the
    Association twice a year to safeguard the Association’s legal status as a not-for-profit organization.
  3. In the event that a chapter officer cannot fulfill the duties as prescribed in the Bylaws, the position should be vacated and re-assigned by the chapter president to another member of the chapter with the consent of the assignee. When necessary, a special election should be held to fill the position.

Section 6. Chapter Funds

Each chapter may retain one-third of the dues collected from all membership categories. The remaining two-thirds shall be sent to the Association within two months upon receipt of the dues. If the dues are paid directly to the Association, the treasurer of the Association shall rebate one-third of the dues received to the chapter within two months of receipt of the dues.

Section 7. Dissolution and Reorganization of a Chapter

Dissolution and reorganization of a chapter may be proposed by the Board or through a petition signed by at least ten members of the concerned chapter and submitted in writing to the Board at least sixty days prior to the next board meeting. In case a chapter has no elected officers or has no chapter activities for at least one year, the Board may dissolve the chapter or urge the chapter to merge with another chapter near the same geographic region. A chapter may be dissolved or otherwise reorganized by an affirmative vote of at least a simple majority of the current chapter voting members, or on approval of the Board on reasonable grounds that it is believed such dissolution or reorganization to be in the best interest of the Association. In the event of a chapter being dissolved or reorganized, all chapter records and funds shall be fully discharged and forwarded to the Association through the executive director.

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