2011/2012 CALA Board Meeting I Minutes



2011/2012 CALA Board Meeting I Minutes

ALA Annual at New Orleans

June 27, 2011 (Monday), 08:00 - 10:00 am

Location: Hilton Napoleon B2



Board of Directors Present:
Min Chou,  Haipeng Li, Zhijia Shen (Left early), Esther Lee, Songqian Lu, Manuel Urrizola, Karen Wei, Mon Tong, Fuwaye Bender, Shuyong Jiang (left early), Lisa Zhao (left early), Hong Miao, Liana Zhou, Xiaoli Li, Maria Fung, Joy Wang

Absence requested & approved:
Hong Xu, Nancy Hershoff, Lisa Zhao, Dajin Sun, Hong Miao, Mengxiong Liu, Jie Huang, Li Zhang, Guopeng  Zhang, Judy Xiao, Ding Ye, Xiwen Zhang, Frank Xu,

Sally Tseng, Sha Li Zhang, Denise Kwan, Ying Xu (representing CAS Chapter),

Meeting to Order

At 8:20 pm., CALA President of 2010-2011, Immediate Past President Zhijia Shen called the meeting to order. She declared that her term as president was over and the transition to the next CALA president Min Chou (2011-2012) took place. Gavel was passed on from Zhijia Shen to Min Chou and congratulatory messages were offered.

Welcome and Self introductions

Self introductions were conducted and welcome was offered by The Presiding Officer/President Min Chou, who also laid out some ground rules for this Board meeting, such as limiting time to items for discussion so that the meeting can move forward effectively.

Approval of Agenda

The Presiding Officer  called to approve the agenda.  Immediate Past President  raised the question that she asked to remove the Jing Liao Fund MOU from the agenda and why it was still on the agenda. The Executive Director responded that based on immediate Past President ’s suggestion, the item was removed from the Saturday Board meeting  agenda; based on President ’s suggestion, the item was put on the Monday agenda as the Board had not officially approved the MOU. When voting was conducted in May, no quorum was established and therefore voting was invalid. As this is a legal document, the Board needs to go through the necessary procedures as required by the CALA Constitution & Bylaws and approve the MOU accordingly.

The Presiding Officer called for a motion to approve the agenda. Manual Urrizola moved, seconded by Liana Zhou.  Discussion was held. Then the residing Officer called for a vote. Voting results are as follows:

Motion:  approval of the agenda.

13 voted YES; 1 voted NO; 1 voted to ABSTAIN.

The motion carried and the agenda was approved.

Shuyong Jiang left at 8:35 am; Lisa Zhao left at 8:40 am; Zhijia Shen left at 8:51 am. Since three voting members left the meeting, there was a lack of quorum to continue for voting. It was suggested that the Board adjourn the meeting.  The Presiding Officer called for a motion to adjourn the meeting and then called for an executive committee meeting and invite others to participate in the meeting. Manuel Urrizola moved to adjourn the meeting, Liana Zhou seconded. The Presiding Officer called for voting. Results are as follows:

Motion: to adjourn the 2011-2012 Board Meeting I.

13 voted YES; 0 Voted NO; 1 voted to ABSTAIN.

Motion passed and the meeting adjourned.

CALA Executive Committee Meeting

The Presiding Officer called for the Executive Committee meeting. At the request of a Board member, The Executive Director read the names of the Executive Committee members.

Four members of the Executive Committee were present: Min Chou, Haipeng Li, Esther Lee, Songqian Lu. Two members were absent:  Zhijia Shen and Lisa Zhao.

Since four out of the five voting members of the Executive Committee were present, quorum was established.

The Presiding Officer explained rules and procedures for the meeting.  She indicated there were 6 members of the Executive Committee, with five voting members and one non-voting member (Lisa Zhao).


President’s Report

President Min Chou gave her president report:

  1. The President welcomed all attendees at the meeting and offered thank you to those attending.
  2. The President gave a report on the CALA Annual Program which took place on Sunday. It was a great success. Over 130 people attended and many were non CALA members. The speakers were first rate, topics well chosen, and audience wonderful.
  3. The President thanked those who worked hard and contributed to the Awards Banquet on Sunday night which was a success.
  4. The President indicated the success of CALA programs reflects that CALA’s goals are in line with those of ALA, particularly on issues of diversity and global reach.
  5. The President also announced that this year she would like to further enhance our efforts in global reach. One example was to explore a national associationmembership with IFLA, since many of our members are also interested and attend IFLA conferences each year. This would benefit many of our members with associational discounts. The President asked Sha Li Zhang and Mengxiong Liu to start this effort. Mengxiong Liu brought a Resolution forward for CALA to join IFLA as an association member. Membership cost per year would be around $440 (US). Sha Li Zhang talked about the various benefits an IFLA membership could bring, such as to make nominations for representatives, conference discounts, directory, journal, and other publications. Mengxiong Liu brought the Resolution with a motion which was seconded by Liana Zhou. Voting was conducted by the Executive Committee. All votes were in favor and no opposing votes. Motion passed unanimously with the support from other Board members and guests present.
  6. President Min Chou also spoke on the support for JCLC 2012, Spectrum Scholarship Program and ALA President Molly Raphael’s diversity initiatives.


Executive Director’s Report

Executive Director Hapeng Li indicated that there was a lot going on in the past year. He appreciated Immediate Past President Zhijia Shen’s efforts during her year as president in spite of their disagreements. He believed under the leadership of new President Min Chou, CALA will make greater progress this year. He also reiterated that as a professional organization, following our guidelines and procedures is a basic rule we all need to abide by. He also believed that CALA had much potential and could be a great leader if we make sure the right directions are followed.

Jing Liao Memorial Fund MOU

Background: back in May when this MOU was put forward for the Board’s approval, because of the lack of forum, the vote was invalid and it was not approved by the Board. While recognizing this was a great effort on the part of Jing Liao’s family, the Board considered approving the MOU as a legitimate legal document by going through the correct procedures.

Karen Wei served on the Jing Liao Memorial Fund Taskforce and provided some background information. She indicated CALA needed to make this a smooth transition so that the family would not be affected in any negative manner. Executive Director agreed with Karen Wei and asked that she continue to advise the Board in dealing with this matter.

Songqian Lu moved to rectify the MOU to become a legal document. Esther Lee seconded. Voting was called and all voted were in favor. Motion passed unanimously.

The Executive Director indicated that he will be in touch with the donor to have the document signed.  CALA Treasurer Songqian Lu will deposit the checks for this fund into the CALA general account for now and work with the Finance Committee to explore the investment options as suggested in the MOU.

Strategic Planning Document

As Liana Zhou will need to leave early, she suggested that the strategic planning document be placed early on the agenda so that sufficient time is allowed for discussion and approval. Esther Lee moved to support the recommendation; seconded by Songqian Lu. Voting was conducted and approval was unanimous.

The Presiding Officer called for a discussion. Liana Zhou provided background information on the strategic planning document. Specifically she pointed out that the CALA membership needed to be open, inclusive, and embracing; we are all Americans after all. The idea was endorsed by the Board. The Presiding Officer then called for voting to approve the Strategic Planning document. Voting was conducted and approval was unanimous.

Old Business:

Constitution & Bylaws Committee Recommendations

Since time was limited and much discussion will be needed on these issues, a suggestion was made to table these recommendations and refer them back to the new committee for further discussion. Also, the proposed change of Constitution and Bylaws has to be approved by the Board.  Esther Lee moved to table the recommendations and Songqian Lu seconded. Discussion was called and voting was conducted. The motion passed unanimously.

International Relations Committee


Approve the contact list of institutions in China that expressed interest in collaborating with CALA on the 21st Century Librarian Seminar Program. Voting was held and motion passed. The contact list was approved.

Membership Committee


Put Membership Directory online

Discussion was held. Some Board members feel that print membership directory was still needed.  Also, the recommendation may involve changes to the Constitution and Bylaws and would need more careful deliberation before presenting it to the Board. The Executive Committee decided to refer it back to the Membership Committee for further discussion.

Time was 10:00 am. The Presiding Officer asked that the meeting be extended to 10:30 am. Esther Lee moved to extend the meeting to 10:30 am, seconded by Songqian Lu. Voting was conducted and the motion passed.

Web Committee


Appoint a Taskforce on Establishing Guidelines for the CALA Listserv

1. Esther Lee moved to appoint the Taskforce on establishing guidelines for the CALA listserv. Songqian Lu seconded. Voting was held and motion passed. The Taskforce will be appointed by the President.

2. Conduct CALA Business Using Technology

Refer to the Taskforce for a recommendation.

Wei Bender commented that much of CALA’s business could be conducted using technology with work on PR, promotion, visibility and online communities for CALA. She volunteered to help, which was appreciated. After some discussions, the Executive Committee decided to refer it to the new Taskforce for a recommendation.



MW Chapter Election

This issue has been in discussion for a long time but no resolution was achieved. Again the Board feels that CALA needs to take a stand on this issue and condemn the MW Chapter Election Committee of 2009 for the wrongdoing.  The Presiding Officer called for a discussion to continue the discussion held last year and called for a vote on Guoqing Li’s amendment to Haipeng Li’s resolution. Voting was conducted and all voted NO to Guoqing Li’s amendment. Therefore, Guoqing Li’s amendment was defeated.

The Presiding fficer then called for a further discussion on the Resolution. Based on the previous discussions, and concerns Board members had expressed, Haipeng Li indicated that he would be willing to withdraw his resolution and resubmit a revised resolution. The revised Resolution reads:

CALA Resolution - 2011, no. 1

June 27, 2011

Whereas the CALA Bylaws state that the "nominee who receives the largest number of votes for any office shall be elected" (See CALA Bylaws Article VII Section 4);

Whereas the action of the CALA Midwest (MW) Chapter Nomination Committee (2008-2009) to have selected a candidate who received fewer votes instead of the one who received more votes to be a winner in the 2009 election is unauthorized and wrong, and a violation of the CALA Constitution & Bylaws;

Whereas CALA is a registered professional organization subject to government rules and laws, in addition to its own constitution and bylaws;

Whereas CALA must protect its integrity and professionalism through this open statement;

Whereas CALA must safeguard its core values, to uphold the highest professional standards, to be accountable for the decisions made and always act in the best interest of  its members responsibly, legally and morally;

Be it resolved that CALA oppose the wrongdoing and the violation by the CALA MW Chapter Nomination Committee (2008-2009).

Esther Lee moved to approve the revised Resolution; seconded by Songqian Lu. Voting was conducted and motion passed.

A concern was raised with regards to the approved Resolution in terms of its publicity.  Because of its sensitive nature of the issue, Songqian Lu moved that CALA keep the Resolution as an internal document. If there are questions raised, they should be directed to the Executive Committee. Esther Lee seconded the motion. Voting was held and the motion passed.

It was 10:30 am. The Presiding Officer asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Songqian Lu moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Esther Lee. Voting was held and the motion passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 10:35 am.


Respectfully submitted,

Haipeng Li

July 7, 2011