2010/2011 CALA Board Meeting III Minutes


2010/2011 CALA Board Meeting III Minutes
ALA Annual at New Orleans
June 25, 2011 (Saturday), 07:00 - 10:00 pm
Location: Sheraton New Orleans -Waterbury BR


Board of Directors Present:
Zhijia Shen, Haipeng Li, Min Chou, Esther Lee, Songqian Lu, Xudong Jin, Manuel Urrizola, Karen Wei, Nancy hershoff, Joy Wang, Min Tong, Haiwang Yuan,Lina Ding, Maria Fung, Liana Zhou, Miao Hong,  .

Absence requested & approved:
Vincci Kwong, Dajin Sun, Jen-chien Yu, Ming-sun Poon,  Mengxiong Liu, Yi Liang, Bin Zhang, Hong Xu, Guoqing Li, Jianye He, Ning Zou, Irene Ke.

Maureen Sullivan, Diane Chen, Sally Tseng, Denise Kwan, Shuyong Jiang, Lili Li, Qian Liu, Lian Ruan, Ying Xu, Raymond Wang, Qi Chen.

I.  Meeting to Order

Presiding Officer Zhijia Shen called the meeting t order at 7:15 pm.


II.  Welcome and self introductions were conducted.

III.  ALA VP/PE for 2012-2013, Maureen Sullivan

Maureen Sullivan came to speak to the Board as a guest. Maureen briefly talked about her future role as ALA president but indicated mostly she wanted to conduct a dialog with us and see what she could do for CALA. In response to her question, Haiwang Yuan asked Maureen to provide an answer to his question: what’s the relationship between the president and the executive director at ALA? Maureen responded that they work as a team, being communicative, respectful, and negotiative.  One Board member expressed the concern that CALA Board should address issue internally which we are able to do, if there is an issue with CALA. Maureen indicated that as an organization, we work as a team, we work together to achieve our common goal. That’s the only way to move forward.

IV.  ALA Exe. Board Liaison, Diane Chen

Diane Chen reported to the CALA Board in her role as the liaison for the last time. She shared with the Board ALA’s strategic Plan for 2015.

Diane indicated that all pieces for the ALA 2015 Strategic plan are there; they just need to be together to make it a complete plan. This is works and should be completed soon. She also reported that the virtual town hall meeting ALA held attracted 528 attendees.  The theme of “Transforming libraries and Engaging Members” was the topic for discussion. ALA is also looking into how to promote international leadership. Diane also announced that she would be chairing the taskforce “Why I Need my Libraries?”  She is interested in input from the Chinese communities. Diane finally thanked the CALA Board for working with her in her role as the ALA Exe. Board liaison and would look forward to working together with CALA  in other capacities.

Esther Lee reported that the CALA poster session at the ALA Diversity Fair was a success. It actually won the 2nd prize with a $200 gift certificate from Demco. Large amount of work on the poster session was due to the efforts of many, Sally Tseng, Sai Deng, Esther Lee, and Sha Li Zhang, to name a few.  

V.       Approval of Agenda

The Presiding Officer called to approve the agenda. There was some confusion about the final version of the agenda. She asked why the agenda was late, The Executive Director Haipeng Li responded that the original deadline for reports was set as June 15 to allow a week or so before the meeting took place to organize meeting agendas. However because the President changed the deadline to June 20th, when still not all reports had been submitted, thus no time was allowed to organize the meeting agenda items. Executive Director had to spend a large amount of time after he arrived in New Orleans to organize these items. As a result, the agenda was posted on the meeting site on Wednesday the 23rd,  two days before the Board meeting on the 25th.

One member brought up a problem with the report submission system. She indicated she submitted her committee reports before the deadline but it was not posted and no one seemed to have received it. Executive Director responded that we would double check on the system to make sure it would function properly next time.

A suggestion was made to amend the agenda by adding a response to the President’s report. A member indicated that after reading the president’s report, a response was needed to clarify some situations outlined in the president’s report.

Manuel Urrizola moved to approve the amended agenda, which was seconded by Min Chou. After discussions were held, voting was conducted. The following are the results:

12 YES votes (Min Chou, Min Tong, Hong Miao, Liana Zhou, Lina Ding, Maria Fung, Esther Lee, Songqian Lu, Joy Wang, Haipeng Li, Manuel Urrizola, Lisa Zhao).

4 NO votes (Karen Wei, Nancy Hershoff, Haiwang Yuan, Zhijia Shen as Presiding Officer).

The motion passed and the amended agenda with a response to the President’s report added to the agenda was approved.

VI.       Approval of Minutes: CALA Board Meeting II (2010-2011) Minutes 1/8/11

The Presiding Officer called to approve the meeting minutes for CALA Board Meeting II (2010-2011) dated 1/8/11. Lisa Zhao indicated that even though she was not at the January meeting, she asked if indeed the MW Chapter election issue was discussed and whether some of the current wording should be included. The Executive Director responded that what was included reflected what happened at the meeting.  Since there was a disagreement on the wording of the minutes, one member suggested that we table the item and that the president, and the exe. director, get together after the meeting to work it out.  Nancy Hershoff moved to table the item. Haiwang Yuan seconded the motion.

After a discussion, voting was called to table the minutes. The voting results were as follows:

5 YES votes (Karen Wei, Nancy Hershoff, Haiwang Yuan, Lisa Zhao, Zhijia Shen).

11 NO votes (Min Chou, Min Tong, Hong Miao, Liana Zhou, Lina Ding, Maria Fung, Esther Lee, Songqian Lu, Joy Wang, Haipeng Li, Manuel Urrizola).

Therefore the motion to table the approval of the meeting minutes for the January 8, 2011 meeting was defeated. The meeting minutes were then approved.

Lisa Zhao brought up a concern that since the minutes included sensitive information, she suggested that the meeting minutes not be made public.

VII.     President's Report: Zhijia Shen

The Presiding Officer/President went over her report and expressed her concerns over the executive director. One Board member indicated that the concerns expressed by the president were inappropriate and damaging, and therefore asked the president to revise her report. Response from the President was No, as she indicated these were only issues on her mind and not concerns. The following were the concerns raised by the President (see report here: http://cala-web.org/node/1278):

1. The physical relocation of Executive Director out of country has presented challenges in the Board's direct communications with him.
2. The lack of transparency in CALA nomination and election process gave the appearance of conflict of interests among members of the Election Committee.
3.. Due to personal disagreements, the Executive Director initiated a call to members of CALA Board not to participate in the association's business conducts led by the President. As a result he was unable to "assist the president and other officers of the Association in carrying out their responsibilities consistent with the policies established by the Board." (CALA Bylaws,  Article IV).
4. To compensate the inability of the Executive Director to assist the President and the Board, the President appointed the Past-President to serve some essential functions including vote count.

In response to the concerns raised by the President’s report, a group of Board members posted a document to object to what the President had raised as concerns (see response letter:  http://cala-web.org/node/1330). They include the following:

Response to Zhijia Shen’s Issues of Concern in her 2011 Annual Report

  1. We can see plenty of mistakes in Zhijia’s “issues of concern”, apparently presented to humiliate the Executive Director, who is opposed to her unjust ways of conducting business. In this age of digital technology, we conduct online meetings by e-mail, and “the physical relocation of the Executive Director out of the country” cannot have “presented challenges in the Board’s direct communications in conducting its business.”  The physical relocation is not an issue.
  2. The Election Committee did follow established procedures.  Your statement in your report on “lack of transparency in CALA nomination and election process” that “gave the appearance of conflict of interests among members of the Election Ad Hoc Committee” is not true.  Your public statement on CALA listserv on May 10, 2011 is groundless.  
  3. Haipeng ‘s  good reputation is so maligned by you that Haipeng is still waiting for you to right the wrong.  Once you have apologized, Haipeng will easily continue to assist you.  Haipeng is a very capable person who was dedicated to CALA’s work for years.  There are many members on the board who disapprove of your erratic ways in handling CALA’s business.
  4. As president you do not have the authority to bypass the Executive Director without the Board’s approval.

As CALA Board members, we express our complete trust and confidence in our Executive Director, Haipeng Li.  We thank him for his dedication and contributions to CALA’s goals.  CALA is fortunate to have Haipeng as our Executive Director.  His leadership is invaluable to our organization.  We find your statement of concern petty, mendacious, and divisive.  We demand that you remove them from your annual report.

Discussions were held to question the President’s motive in her concerns in the report. One Board member congratulated the Executive Director for his dedication to CALA and for doing a great job for this organization. Applause was granted. A concern was raised again about posting the agenda late on the Board meeting site. The Executive Director responded that a deadline was set but the President changed it by herself so little time was allowed for reports and agenda items to be included. That was the reason why the agenda was late. Honorary Executive Director Sally Tseng stated that from her experience it was very important to stick to the deadline for submitting reports for Board meetings as there was a large amount of work to be done by the Executive Director, and appreciated his efforts for his work for CALA and encouraged all to submit reports on time.

Continuing with the discussion of the President’s concerns, one Board member indicated that while conducting Board meetings, all should try to be respectful, and polite to each other. Another Board member stated that the President’s issues were divisive and needed to be taken out of her report. The President refused to do so and indicated she was proud of what she did, but did indicate that the concerns raised were her own personal concerns.

A statement was made saying that professional organizations need to follow the rules but the President this year broke many rules including inappropriate voting, motion raised being ignored, etc.  The President, during a meeting in session, picked and chose in terms of what to discuss and ignored the Board approved agenda.

VIII.    Executive Director's Report: Haipeng Li

The Executive Director  stated in his report that CALA has gone through a great deal these past two years and some good programs came to a halt because of poor judgment on the part of some CALA leaders. He restated that CALA needed to unite and work together for a common goal. As a professional organization, we have to follow our established rules and procedures to bring CALA to a higher level of professionalism. He believed CALA was well positioned to lead both domestically and internationally.

He also made it clear that he currently serves on many ALA committees and no committee had expressed concerns over his relocation to Hong Kong. His service has been a welcome addition to these committees.

Time was 10:05 pm. The President asked for a motion o adjourn the meeting, Haiwang Yuan moved and seconded by Hong Miao. Voting was conducted and motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by
Haipeng Li
July 6, 2011