President's Report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

Striving for Organizational Excellence and Encouraging Member Participation:

  • Made appointments to more than twenty committees/task forces/representatives to ALA/board parliamentarian, etc. in July to ensure timely and continuous operation of the organization. More than 120 CALA members serve for CALA this year; almost a 100% board member participation in CALA committee service this year; and many CALA sponsored ALA emerging leaders have also actively involved in CALA’s work, serving and chairing many committees and task forces. 2011-12 committee rosters are available at
  • Oversaw the work of committees, task forces, and chapters; communicated with them and clarified questions to make progress.
  • When it was brought to my attention in July that there was no election held in spring 2011 for Mid-Atlantic Chapter, I appointed Clement Lau, Cathy Yang, Ding Ye to lead the chapter election process, and called on Haipeng Li, Manuel Urizzola, Kuei Chiu, Bin Zhang, membership committee to help with procedural and technical issues. I oversaw the makeup chapter election which was completed successfully in early September.
  • Worked with the Executive Committee and the chair of the Finance Committee to review the draft of CALA agreement with Dr. Fung’s family for the establishment of Dr. Margaret Chang Fung Memorial Fund and also the Outstanding Library Leadership Award in Memory of Dr. Margaret Chang Fung in CALA. Through the assistance of Dr. Haw-Wei Lee and Sally Tseng, the CALA feedback has been sent to the Fung family for review.  It is planned that the agreement will be presented at the upcoming CALA Board meeting in Jan. in Dallas, TX, for Board's approval after we hear back from the Fung family.

Initiatives and Projects:

  • Accomplished a milestone presidential initiative – CALA officially joined IFLA as a national association member, with the concerted efforts and support of CALA leadership and CALA Presidential Initiative Task Force members.
  • Initiated a member participated fundraising drive “Fun, Food Fundraising for Diversity” at chapter and national levels to show CALA’s continued support to the ALA Spectrum Scholarship program.
  • Worked with the Executive Committee to review the applications for the ALA Emerging Leaders program, and recommended two CALA sponsored Emerging Leaders to the ALA
  • Initiated a project to sharpen CALA’s global and leadership vision - with the help of the Executive Director and the chair of the International Relations Committee, worked on a CALA-Tongji jointly organized International Conference on Leadership and Innovative Management in Academic Libraries in the Age of New Technology, to be held in April 2012 in Tongji University, Shanghai, China. The conference will feature renowned library leaders from the U.S. and China as keynote speakers and will attract a diverse audience including many academic library leaders and managers from China as well as from other countries of the world.
  • Submitted a CALA project proposal entitled “A Prelude to Celebration: Project 40/40 on CALA Leadership to the ALA Emerging Leaders program. The proposal was successfully approved and accepted by the EL Program with four 2012 emerging leaders to participate in the project. CALA Publications Committee will collaborate in this CALA sponsored Emerging Leaders project.
  • Explored the possibility to use web conference mechanism to have simultaneous online meetings, with the technical expertise bestowed by Bin Zhang and the help of the CALA Presidential Initiative Task Force.

Representing CALA and Promoting CALA at Various Venues and Occasions:

  • Delivered a welcome address, on behalf of CALA, to the Chinese delegation and participants at the Future Development and Service of Global Children's Librarianship Conference, held in August 2011 in New York, and co-sponsored by CALA and the Library Society of China (LSC).  Sent “thank you” letters, with NE chapter president and CALA Executive Director, to all hosting libraries: The Brooklyn Public Library, The New York Public Library, the Queens Public Library, the C.V. Starr East Asian Library at Columbia University, and the Asian Division of the Library of Congress.
  • Sent a congratulatory letter to Library Society of China for the opening of their Annual Conference in Guiyang, China in Oct. 2011.
  • Sent holiday “thank you” greetings to more than 120 CALA donors in 2011 via email, with the Executive Director, to show CALA’s deep appreciation for their support.
  • Sent press releases to CALA listserv and ALA news to promote the good work and achievements of CALA
  • Invited ALA presidential nominees Barbara Stripling and Gina Millsap to attend CALA board meeting on Saturday, January 21, 2012, in Dallas, TX to meet CALA leadership, to share their vision and platform, and also to discuss issues of common concerns.

Collaboration with Other Organizations to Raise CALA’s Visibility:

  • Worked with the Executive Committee to approve that CALA be a conference partner for the 2.011 Worldwide Conference ( to show our support to technology innovation in library profession.
  • Worked with the Executive Committee to approve that a plaque to Dr. Lee be sent on behalf of CALA, commemorating the special occasion of the Symposium on Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee's Thoughts on Librarianship, and that Executive Director Haipeng Li represent CALA to present it to Dr. Lee at the symposium.
  • Worked with Dr. Huanwen Cheng and the organizers in Shenzhen, China to have CALA as a co-sponsor for the Symposium on Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee's Thoughts on Librarianship; encouraged CALA members to participate in and contribute to the Symposium; and wrote a commemorating letter, with the Executive Director, on behalf of CALA to the organizers of the Symposium.


Respectfully submitted,

Min Chou, CALA President 2011-2012