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The year 2011 has seen some major activities at CALA-GMAC chapter. The following is a summary of these major events:

•          The chapter election was conducted between August 22 and September 10, 

2011. The GMAC Nominating Committee was charged with the conduct of Chapter nomination and election process. The official results of the 2011 GMA Board election and the winners are:

o          Vice-President/President-Elect (2011- 2012): Hong Miao

o          Membership Chair (2011 - 2012): Raymond Wang

o          Treasurer (2011 - 2012): Yuan Yao

The election was very close and the many members graciously offered to serve on the GMAC Chapter Board. Besides, quite a few members worked tirelessly on this special election. The official result of the election was announced on September 16, 2011 by the GMAC Nominating Committee which include: Cathy Yang, Clement Lau, and Ding Ye

•          Two veteran members of CALA-GMAC have played pivotal roles in A 

symposium: "1911 Conference: Encounter of Chinese and Western Cultures and the 1911 Revolution" in Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of China, September 9, 2011 at the Library of Congress.

o          Judy Lu, former head, Collection Services, Asian Division, Library of 

Congress gave a presentation on her new book “The Birth of the First Republic in Asia as Seen in Diplomatic Documents” 

(从美国外交文件看民国诞生). This book is based on the Library of Congress’ original presidential manuscripts, foreign relation documents and rare materials in the Chinese Collection that covers the period from 1840 to 1913.

o          Dr. Chu Mi, Head of Scholarly Services, Asian Division, Library of 

Congress, shared her thoughts on her new book “Chu Cheng and Xinhai Revolution” (居正与辛亥革命:居氏家藏手稿汇编). The book is “based on the rich manuscript collection of the author’s grandfather Chu Cheng, the revolutionary who was responsible for the “Wuchang Victory” on October 10, together with many details of the 1911 Revolution.”

•          Symposium on Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee’s Thoughts on Librarianship, 

李华伟博士图书馆学术思想研讨会 was held on November 17, 2011 at the Shenzhen Library in Shenzhen, China, co-sponsored by the Zhenzhen Library, Zhongshan University Library, Guangdong Public Library and the Chinese American Librarians Association. CALA-GMAC members Clement Lau and Anna Ho joined CALA delegation led by Haipeng to attend the symposium at Shenzhen.  Anna traveled a long way to attend Dr. Lee’s Symposium in Shenzhen was to deliver a speech on behalf of Judy Lu who could not attend.

•          The major activity for CALA-GMAC for 2011 is to host the Chinese 

delegation of librarians between. Four Chinese librarians are visiting Washington DC as a part of the IMLS-UIUC Project

o          Mr. Zhang Bo—Deputy Director of Chongqing Library

o          Mr. Wang Kaixue—Deputy Director and Research Librarian of Shanxi Library

o          Mr. Xu Daping—Deputy Director and Research Librarian of Shaanxi Library

o          Mr. Ding Li—Librarian and Researcher of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 


As a host, the CALA-GMAC board coordinated with IMLS-UIUC Headquarters on their activities and scheduled their activities during their stay in Washington DC. The board met several times and exchanged e-mail communication to make contacts with the local libraries, coordinate with UIUC HQ and confirm the visits. All of the board members have been working hard.

The activities for these four Chinese librarians include visiting Library of Congress on a half-day schedule, visiting Catholic University Library and discussing with faculty of the library school, visiting public library system of Maryland State and Washington DC. CALA-GMAC is taking advantage of this visit by Chinese librarian colleagues to schedule face-to-fact meeting with the CALA-GMAC members. We have asked the visiting Chinese librarians to give presentations on their project during their visit at LOC. A message has been sent out to the CALA-GMAC members to encourage them to participate in this presentation and discussion.


Respectfully submitted by,

Ding Ye



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