Executive Director’s Report

Executive Director’s Report

Haipeng Li

January 5, 2012


Happy New Year to everyone!

For the past six months or so, CALA has been charging forward under the leadership of President Min Chou in full speed and on all fronts. The CALA Strategic Plan has identified several main areas for action including international leadership and diversity. The international events in which CALA has participated including hosting delegations from China in the eastern coastal cities and co-sponsoring Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee’s Symposium with Chinese institutions have all indicated the level of visibility of CALA and respect for our organization. Promotion and support for diversity with particular events such as fundraising for the ALA Spectrum Scholarship program and for JCLC 2012 to be held in September of 2012 are all going strong. Many of our members are serving on committees and as officers to work diligently to achieve CALA’s goals and objectives with no hesitation. Their dedication and commitments are much appreciated.

Based on the current membership data, CALA has 1,460 registered members as of December 2011.  As CALA grows larger and stronger, more and more of our members will be involved in our association work. While this makes our association dynamic and exciting, there also needs to be increased attention to be paid to our constitution and bylaws, rules and procedures, guidelines and processes. This is extremely important as CALA advances to a higher level of professional association.

I am happy to report that the CALA 2015 Strategic Plan has been finalized and completed, thanks to the leadership of Liana Zhou who headed the CALA 2015 Strategic Plan Task Force. The five goals identified and outlined in the CALA 2015 Strategic Plan provide a good direction for CALA to move forward for the next 3 years. These are:

Goal 1. Strive for Organizational Excellence
Goal 2. Become a Leader in Global Reach Initiatives
Goal 3. Enhance Services to CALA Membership
Goal 4. Provide Educational Opportunities
Goal 5. Advocate for Users of Chinese Heritage, Chinese Cultures, and Chinese Language.

Our current activities are much in line with these strategic goals of our association and we are cultivating more projects in these areas to accomplish these goals. CALA depends on our members to achieve these goals. The more projects we do, the more exciting we become as an organization, and more members will join.  Let’s all work together to make greater success for our association.

Wishing everyone another prosperous year!