Northern California Chapter

Member Roster:

Xiaoli Li  (chapter president)

Shu-Hua Liu (Vice President/President Elected) Jessica Lu (Treasure) Yiping Wang (Membership Officer) Hong Wang (Event Coordinator) Webmaster (Yiping Wang) Jianye He (Immediate Past President)

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List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

For the first half of the year 2011/2012, the members and officers of the Northern California Chapter have worked together and made some significant achievements.

A.         Program

First and foremost, the Chapter co-sponsored a program on traditional Chinese book printing with the San Francisco Public Library and the East Asian Library of UC Berkeley. The program, hosted by San Francisco Public Library and held on September 20, 2011, featured three woodblock book printing masters from Yangzhou Woodblock Printing Museum, China. In front of more than

100 audiences, the masters demonstrated the various woodblock printing techniques, starting with wood-carving, book printing, and finishing with book binding. In addition, they described the process of choosing paper, color printing, and appropriate environment (temperature and humidity) required.

The demonstration of traditional Chinese book printing of such a scale has never been done in the United States before. As a result, the event was reported in two major local Chinese newspapers, Sing Tao Daily San Francisco and World Journal (San Francisco).

Additional information and the event pictures are available at:


B.         Chapter Meetings

Two meetings held in conjunction with the program described above. Prior to the program, the outgoing chapter officers (2010/2011) and incoming officers

(2011/2012) held a joint meeting to ensure a smooth transition. After the program, an informal gathering which included the chapter officers and members took place. Fund-raising and future program ideas were discussed.


C. Outreach Activities

•          Two chapter officers attended a dinner celebration of the National Day on 

September 23, 2011. The event was tailed to associations, societies, etc. As a result, it presented a good opportunity for the chapter to reach out to other organizations with similar goals and interests.

•          The chapter explored the possibility of co-sponsoring Lisa See’s talk 

and autograph event with the Friends of Monterey Public Library. Though it did not happen because of the financial reason plus the inconvenient time for our chapter’s participation, we offered our support by advertising the event to our members. Several members attended the event.


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