Membership Committee

Member Roster:

• 2011-2012
o Lian Ruan (Co-Chair) (2011-2013)
o Weiling Liu (Co-Chair) w.liu@louisville.eduu (2011-2013)
o Elaine Dong
o Bin Zhang (2011-2012)
o Hong Ma (2011-2012)
o Xue-Ming Bao (NE Chapter)
o Jie Huang (SW Chapter)
o Tanya Cao (S. CA Chapter)
o Yiping Wang (N. CA Chapter)
o Jinong Sun (SE Chapter)
o Sherab Chen (MW Chapter)
o Raymond Wang (Mid-Atlantic Chapter)

Is this an interim or annual report?:
Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
Based on thoughts and feedback from the committee members, the committee formed the following action plans in the following three major areas and made the impressive progress:

1. Made the “rolling” year membership request to the Board – see the recommendation to the Board section of this report.

2. Conducted the needs assessment of CiviCRM Database on membership management related fields and functions (completed by 9/12/2011) and started the implementation plan. Draft Application Form and Update Form have been created and are being tested. This work was led by Co-Chair Weiling Liu.
3.  Developed a membership service and recruitment plan based on the committee members’ input:

The committee identified the following CALA member services that are to:
1) Establish and maintain policies for online access to member information (e.g., what information the sponsors can access, only the PDF version of the directory or online search, etc.); designed the new format of the online Membership Directory
2) Define directory contents and formats - what fields are included in the print directory, what formats are supported (online search, PDF and print), etc.
3) Allow members to do self-update contact information
4) Extend the membership directory to a member networking databank (e.g. with information about member's education level, expertise, and services)
5) Provide current member lists to the election committees and qualified candidates who like to contact the voters to support national and local elections

Recruitment efforts include the following plan (by May 2012):
1) Conduct the membership analysis before and after Weiling Liu changed the current database fields and database is updated (first analysis was completed by Oct. 2011);
2) Form a task force (within the Membership Committee) led by Lian to follow up those expired members by post mail that Weiling Liu could not reach by emails. She sent the first round of emails to 994 expired members who have email accounts (Completed by Nov. 2011);
                 3) Launch in spring 2012 a nation-wide membership outreach campaign by asking                  
                 current members to suggest 3 or more potential new members and the task force will 
                 follow up to recruit them;
                4) Work with chapter’s membership committees and state contacts for potential new 
                5) Contact major library schools and work with some of the deans in the 
                 USA to locate Chinese students and recruit them while finding funds to support this  
                 Initiative (See attachment 1);
6) Work with CALA International Relations Committee and various partners to identify and recruit international members.


4. Weiling Liu, Bin Zhang, and Hong Ma have worked the whole summer to help the GMA Chapter conduct a successful make-up election for last year.


List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

The Membership Committee make the following suggestions in the four areas:

1)  "Rolling" year membership

To follow up on the rolling year membership, on September 14, 2011, Co-Chairs Lian Ruan and Weiling Liu sent an email to President Min Chou and Executive Director Haipeng Li to ask them to check if the Board had approved the recommendation of rolling year membership made by the previous membership committee.  If the rolling year membership had not been approved yet, we requested them to hold an immediate virtual board meeting. We believe this issue needs an immediate attention since it is closely associated with the implementation of CALA's new membership database management system (CiviCRM), which in term affects the efficiency of membership management and the quality of the CALA’s membership database for national and local chapter elections.  To our dismay, the request to hold the board meeting was declined and we were asked to resubmit the request along with the proposal for the upcoming Board meeting that is scheduled in January 2012.

The Committee is making the request in this report and asking to include in the Board meeting agenda so the issue will be appropriately and timely resolved. See attached Pros and Cons of Rolling/Fixed Period Types, compiled by Weiling, 7/19/2011 and an addition (See attachment 2 and 3). 

           2) Multiple formats of the Membership Directory

The Committee suggests making the Membership Directory in multiple formats, in addition to the print, making the print version also on PDF, and the print copy available  upon request. In this way, the Board does not need to ask Membership to approve the  bylaws change. 

             3) Clarification of Membership Categories

             The CALA Bylaws Article I. Section I states membership categories and dues as

“The Association shall have eight categories of membership. The annual membership dues for each of the categories are given below:
Regular Membership $30.00
Student Membership $15.00
Non-salaried Membership $15.00
Overseas Membership $15.00
Life Membership $300.00
Honorary Membership Free
Institutional Membership $100.00
Affiliated Membership $100.00”

The Committee suggests adding a brief definition for each category. Definition for Affiliated membership is not clear.  

4) Approval of the PDF format of the CALA Membership Directory 2011-2012. 
See attachment 4.


#1_iSchool Deans_12142011.docx


#3 ProsandConsofRolling_addition_2011-12-14.docx

#4 2011_2012 CALA Membership Directory_12142011.pdf