Nomination Committee


Zhijia Shen <>, Chair
Jianye He <> (Northern CA)
Joy Wang <> (Southern CA)
Cathy Yang (Greater Mid-Atlantic)
Ning Zou <>  (Midwest)
Lina Ding <> (Northeast)
Min Tong <> (Southeast)
Irene Ke <> (Southwest)
Min Chou <> (ex-officio, CALA President)

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Committee Charge: “The chairperson, with the help of the Committee members, shall seek nominations from the membership and present a slate of nominees for elective positions in the Association in accordance with the provisions in Article VII of the Bylaws (”

Positions for the 2011-12 Election:

  • One Incoming Vice President/President Elect 2012-2013 (Vice President/President Elect 2013-2014, President 2014-2015)
  • One treasurer for 2012-2014
  • Five Board members for 2012-2015

Final goal: Submit the President and Executive director by December 22, 2011:

1) a list of 5-10 nominees to fill the five board member positions
2) a list of up to 3 nominees for the incoming Vice President/President Elect
3) a list of up to 3 nominees for the treasurer position


Committee Activities:

  • Called for nominations and send out two reminders before deadline
  • Committee members contacted nominees to seek consent to run for the nominated positions; and collected biographical information and candidate statements from those agreed to run
  • Committee reviewed qualifications of all nominees and voted to select the top candidates
  • Committee members working with nominees to finalize their bio and statements
  • Chair of committee submitted the mid-year report with the slate of qualified candidates along with their biographical information and candidate statements to the Executive Director and President.


Nomination Results and Recommended Slate

Four people were nominated for the Vice-President Elect position; 2 agreed to run. Five people were nominated for the Treasurer position; 3 agreed to run. Since the number of nominees who agree to run for both positions are fewer than three, we recommend to keep all on the slate. Thirty-nine people were nominated for the Board Member at Large position; 17 agreed to run. Committee selection was focused on the board positions to narrow down the candidates within 10.  After deliberation and voting, the follow is the recommended slate for the 2012 CALA elections:


Vice-President Elect

  • Haiwang Yuan
  • Carol Ka-chuen Gee



  • Maria Yuen-Hung Fung
  • Li FU
  • FuWaye Bender


Members at Large of Board of Directors

  1. Xiaoyin Zhang
  2. Wen-Ling Liu
  3. Cecilia Poon
  4. Hanrong Wang
  5. Li Fu
  6. Guoying Liu
  7. Denise T. Kwan 
  8. Songqian Lu
  9. Bonnie Fong
  10. Qi Chen


Motion:  Request the board to review and approve the nominations for the 2012 slate of CALA

The chair wishes to thank all the committee members for their hard work and dedication working through the holiday break and making special efforts to reach all nominated to encourage broad membership participation.