CALA Listserv Guidelines Task Force

Member Roster:

Bin Zhang/Kuei Chiu
Mengxiong Liu
Yuan Yao
Shali Zhang

Is this an interim or annual report? Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

The CALA Listserv Guidelines Task Force was charged to respond to the issues on posting messages on CALA Listserv.  The task force has been conducting its business via email exchanges.

So far, the task force has compiled two drafts and are in the process of polishing the second draft.  We will finalize and submit it to CALA Board for review and approval shortly.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

Based on the concerns of members over the use of  Listserv, the new CALA  guidelines will focus on several issues: eligibility of Listserv membership, its ownership, do's and dont's on the Listserv, and etiquette.