Journal of Library and Information Science (JLIS)


December 2, 2011


Member Roster:
Nancy Hershoff (2011-2014), Chair
Xue-Ming Bao (2008-2013)
Scott Kass (2011-2014)
Manuel Urrizola (2008-2013)
Dr. Mark Winston (2009-2012)


Ex-officio Officers:Min Chou, Haipeng Li, Mengxiong Liu, Jia Mi, Daijin Sun


List significant activities the Committee has done since last report:

1. Recruited 6 additional reviewers;
2. Sent call for papers for the April 2012 issue of JLLIS;
3. Received 13 manuscripts;
4. Submitted 2 final manuscripts to be published in the October 2011 issue JLILS;
5. Rejected 2 manuscripts;
5. 9 other manuscripts are being reviewed.

Recommendation from the Committee:

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Hershoff