Northeast Chapter

CALA Northeast Chapter Semi-Annual Report

CALA Northeast Chapter has been very active in the past six months (June-December 2011). Thanks to the hard work of the Chapter officers and many of its members, the chapter had two very successful programs/events, and is on track to achieve the goals set for its 2011-2012 term.  The following are highlights of the chapter’s accomplishments:

Staying in Touch with Our Members, and Chapter Board Meeting

Since the election of its 2011-2012 officers, CALA/NE Chapter has stayed in touch with its members.  Programs/events were announced, promoted, and reported on via our Chapter website, and email to our members.  A board meeting was held October 7th, 2011 at the New York Public Library Mid-Manhattan Library.  Invited also to the board meeting were past Chapter presidents, as well as the current President and Vice-president of CALA. A total of ten officers attended the meeting.

The board meeting started with Judy Xiao, the Chapter president welcoming everyone, and officers introducing themselves.  Lina Ding, immediate past president summarized the good work done by the chapter in the past year, and thanked all the chapter officers and members for their support and hard work. Hung-Yun Chang, Treasurer of the chapter, reported on CALA/NE finances. With a strong balance sheet, the chapter will be able to sponsor programs and events of interest to our members and the library community. Judy reported on the Global Children's Librarianship Conference in NYC sponsored by CALA and the Library Society of China in August (details follow), and thanked everyone for making the conference such a successful event.  Program ideas for the 2011-2012 year were discussed, as well as how to effectively reach out to our members and provide better services to our members. Some of the suggested programs include:

  • A holiday party and a free visit to the Museum of Modern Art.  Date is proposed for early December, 2011.
  • Visiting Princeton Univ. Libraries.  Date is proposed for late April and early May of 2012
  • Annual CALA/NE Chapter symposium initiative.  A symposium planning committee will be formed to work on the initiative.
  • Food, Fun and Fundraising for Diversity: CALA Continued Support for the ALA Spectrum Scholarship. Min Chou, President of CALA spoke about the program's success and encouraged the NE chapter to help with the fundraising effort. 


The Future Development and Service of Global Children's Librarianship Conference

The Future Development and Service of Global Children's Librarianship Conference was held August 8-10, 2011 in New York City, and it was a great success. The conference is co-sponsored by the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) and the Library Society of China (LSC), and hosted by the Brooklyn Public Library, the New York Public Library, the Queens Library, and the C.V. Starr East Asian Library of Columbia University. A Chinese delegation of 79 library administrators joined American colleagues for a two- day program in NYC.  The conference included library tours and a series of presentations which focused on library services to children and youth, library management, and the future development of libraries. Dr. Chen Chuanfun, head of the Chinese delegation said that they gained good practical knowledge to take home to share with their colleagues.  And Ms. Zhang Zhang, conference liaison for Library Society of China wrote back after returning to China that the Chinese delegates learned a lot from the libraries and librarians in US, and they look forward to more collaboration and exchange with CALA in the future. 

Children are the future of the world.  This conference theme is the first of its kind sponsored by Chinese and American Library Associations that is not only meaningful but will also make a lasting impact on the global exchange on children's librarianship in the future.  The Chinese American Librarians Association, in particular its Northeast Chapter took great pride in helping organize such a conference, and make it such a successful event.  We look forward to more collaboration and exchange with the Library Society of China, and working together for our shared value: to inspire life-long learning, advance knowledge, and build communities.   

Below are some program highlights from each hosting library:


Program at the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL)
Tuesday Morning, August 9th

The Global Children’s Librarianship Conference opened  in the Dweck Auditorium of the Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Army Plaza.  Linda Johnson, Director of the Brooklyn Public Library, gave a welcome speech.  Min Chou, President of CALA, welcomed the Chinese delegation on behalf of CALA. Several presentations were given by BPL librarians: Rachel Payne presented on children’s services at Brooklyn Public Library; Carrie Banks on the Children’s Place for children with special needs and Kidsmobile; Marilyn Ackerman & Francesca Burgess on collection development for children’s materials. After the presentations, Dr. Chen Chuanfun, head of the Chinese delegation, went to the podium and thanked the Brooklyn Public Library and its wonderful librarians for a great program.  Dr. Chen also presented gifts to the Library and the presenters.  Afterwards, the Chinese delegates toured the Library accompanied by CALA members, who answered questions and exchanged information with the Chinese delegates.

Program at the New York Public Library (NYPL)

Tuesday Afternoon, August 9th

The conference continued with its afternoon program at the New York Public Library, located on 5th Ave. at 42nd street. Ms. Theresa Myrhol, Chief Librarian of Mid-Manhattan Library, delivered a welcome speech.  Mr. Kevin Winkler, Deputy Director for Public Services at NYPL, gave a presentation titled “Creating the Library of the Future” followed by a Q & A session.  The Chinese delegates were impressed by Mr Kevin’s presentation on how to manage and run the largest public library system in the United States, and the important role the Library plays to enrich the cultural and intellectual lives of people in New York City. Afterwards, the delegates enjoyed a tour of the Research Library, a historical and cultural landmark of New York City.  Dr. Anthony Marx, President of the New York Public Library regretted not being able to join his Chinese guests, but he welcomed each and everyone with a heart-warming letter in a souvenir book The New York Public Library, Its Past, Present, and Future. Just recently, the New York Public Library celebrated its 100th birthday, and so did many libraries in China.  Dr. Marx said it well that “As institutions with strong ties to the past, the vision we all share is how to face and overcome a variety of new challenges over the next 100 years, while continuing to strive to provide essential services to users of all educational and economic backgrounds.”


Program at the Queens Library, Wednesday Morning, August 10th

The conference continued for a second day with program at the Queens Library, Jamaica.  Thomas W. Galante, Director of Queens Library, delivered a welcome speech, followed by presentations.  Daniel Nkansah, Coordinator of Children’s Services, provided an overview of children’s services at Queens Library.  Leslie Taylor, Coordinator of Youth Enrichment Services, talked about the BOOST (Best Out of School Time) program.  Sharon Cox, CLDC Manager, introduced the newly-opened Children’s Library Discovery Center (CLDC). After the presentations, Dr. Chen, head of the Chinese delegation, thanked the Queens Library and its wonderful librarians with gifts.  Afterwards, the Chinese delegates were given a tour of the new Children’s Library Discovery Center, an amazing place for children ages 3-12.  The Discovery Center includes hands-on interactive exhibits and learning labs that enable children to find information and develop interest in books, reading, and learning while discovering the joy of scientific exploration.  The Chinese delegates took great interest in the Center, asked a lot of questions, and interacted with many of the exciting exhibits including Discover Bugs: Bug Viewer, Discover Perception: Instruction Games, and Discover Magnets: Magnetic Spinner.  Everyone enjoyed the Discovery Center tour.


Program at the C.V. Starr East Asian Library of Columbia University
Wednesday Afternoon, August 10th

The Chinese delegation arrived at Columbia University for the final part of the conference: visiting C.V. Starr East Asian Library.  They received a warm welcome from Jim Cheng, Director of the C.V.Starr East Asian Library, and enjoyed a guided tour of the East Asian library, and the University campus.  Afterwards, the Chinese delegation left New York for
Washington D.C. to attend the conference program at the Library of Congress.

Min Chou and Judy Xiao, on behalf of the Chinese American Librarians Association and its Northeast Chapter, would like to thank the Library Society of China, the hosting libraries and their wonderful staff for making the Future Development and Service of Global Children's Librarianship Conference a great success!  We would like to thank Haipeng Li, the Executive Director of CALA, and Lina Ding, the past President of CALA Northeast Chapter for initiating the project and working diligently on the details.  Finally we want to extend a special thank-you to our CALA, especially our Northeast Chapter officers and members: Lina Ding, Maria Fung, Frank Xu, and many others at the Brooklyn Public Library; Hung-Yun Chang and many others at the New York Public Library; Fred Gitner, Loida Garcia-Febo, Elizabeth Hsu, Yuan Shang (Constance) Hsi, and many others at the Queens Public Library; Charlene Zhou, Sarah Elman, Jim Cheng, and many others at the C.V. Starr East Asian Library of Columbia University. And all the Northeast Chapter officers.

CALA/NE Chapter Organized Holiday Party, Fund-Raising, and Museum Visit

On Friday, 12/9/2011, CALA/NE Chapter hosted a fun-filled holiday event in Manhattan to celebrate the holiday season, and raise money to support ALA’s Spectrum Scholarship Program. Twenty CALA members participated in the event, enjoyed a great luncheon, and a free visit to the Museum of Modern Art.  Gift boxes of scarves and ties were raffled at the party, which raised $300 to support ALA's Spectrum Scholarship Program.  The $300 raised was given to Min Chou, the CALA President.  The Chapter thanked the participants for their generosity, and wished our members, their family and friends a great holiday season.


In summary, 2011 is a great year for CALA/NE Chapter. For the next 6 months in 2012, we’ll focus on developing programs/activities for the large library community and our CALA members.  Two programs/events in the works include CALA members visiting the Princeton University Libraries in April 2012, and planning for the CALA/NE Chapter Symposium to be held in October 2012.


Report submitted by

Judy Xiao

President of Northeast Chapter