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Dear CALA Board and Board Members,
Happy Holidays!  As the current (2011/2012) Midwest Chapter President, I am pleased to report some very exciting news and accomplishments from our chapter since May, 2011:
1. Announcements
a. To encourage more participation from LIS students, we increased our chapter’s Student Travel Fund from $80 to up to $100.
b. To encourage more and outstanding volunteerism, we added incentive to the recipient of the chapter’s President Award ($50)
c. For the first time in chapter history, I created and appointed a group of people as “The President’s Advisor y Committee”, who are to be the eyes, ears and mouth for the president and the chapter. The members include Shuyoung Jiang, Lisa Zhao, Karen Wei, Hong Cheng,  Perris King, and Melanie Church.
d. We recruited new State Contacts:
i. Mr.  Fu Zhuo, Research and Instruction Librarian in the University of Missouri-Kansas City Libraries, is the new state contact for Kansas and Missouri states.
ii. Ms. Mei Wang, Information Resources Specialist Senior at the Asia Library, University of Michigan, is the new state contact for Michigan.
iii. Mr. Xiangdong (Sherab) Chen, Associate Professor, Technical Services of The Ohio State University Libraries, is the new state contact at Ohio.
e. A new member
i. Mr. Jiaxun Benjamin Wu is a Chinese Studies Librarian at University of Chicago. He is from the South California Chapter.
2. Activities
a. We set up CALA’s first (chapter) Facebook:  facebook.com/CALAMW
b. Working with chapter’s Membership Committee, we set up interest groups at Google+ . The groups we have in place so far include Content Discovery & Metadata (Cataloging), e-content in library, Digital Initiatives, and Social Media.  The Membership Committee members are Sherab Chen (Chair), Xiaocan Wang and Jen-Chien Yu.
c. Working with my “President’s Advisory Committee”, we decided on a chapter legacy initiative, to honor the contributions made by founding members of the chapter and CALA as Midwest Chapter is the cradle of CALA . 
The goals are to create, record, and share history about the chapter and CALA in large, and learn directly from the founders and pioneers.  It is also an effort to provide and organize more opportunities and events for chapter members. We hope to make our chapter a more welcoming and engaging community.
i. As part of the legacy initiatives, we created a tell-CALA-story sharing site at ourstory.com/CALAMW, and a list featuring the timeline of our chapter with important milestones.
ii. We identified first group of chapter founding members to start with as Phase I due to constrains of time, resources and presidency length . They are Dr. Tze-chung Li, Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee,  and Dr Lois M Chan.  We also identify a list in hope to continue this project despite the change of presidency.
iii. We started the legacy project through celebrating Dr Hwa-Wei Lee’s 80th Birthday and in accordance with the Symposium on Dr Hwa-Wei Lee’s Library Contributions and Thoughts held on November 17, 2011 at Shenzhen, China. We compiled a timeline of his career and work and published at ourstory.com/CALAMW . We also called out to CALA members to share stories at the site. We created a story book entitled, “Dr Hwa-Wei Lee, He is A Cup of Tea” and “Are We There Yet” at storybird.com.  In addition, we utilized other social networking tools to promote the birthday celebration and conference through  Chapter’s Facebook page, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Worldly.com, Google+, and SlideShare.  Chapter members who attended the Symposium on Dr Hwa-Wei Lee’s Library Contributions and Thoughts held in Shenzhen, China are FuWaye Bender and Lian Ruan.
iv. Another outreach program to promote the legacy initiative was held on 
August 20.  A group of librarians and friends in the Chicago area paid a visit to Dr. Tze-chung Li and his wife Dorothy In-Lan Li at their beautiful home.  They are both CALA founding members. Chapter members attending the event include Qi Chen, Sharon Hu, Shuyong Jiang, Mingyan Li, Xiao-qin Liu, Ling Wang, and Lisa Zhao. Among the visitors, there was also a special guest – Ms. Liu Xiaoqin from the Ministry of Culture of China.
v. Due to budget constrain, we plan to use open source (such as free webinars) to present and record the stories/visits  from the founding member. 
But we also look into funding (to pay for the cost of hiring professional taping, for instance). We researched grant/funding sources and will work on writing the proposal, though most of them are due after this presidency.  
Some resources we have identified include:
1. Li Educational Foundation (www.lieducationalfoundation.org)
2. Lotus Travel’s Heritage and Cultural Grant Program 
3. IndieGoGo (http://www.indiegogo.com/)
4. Kiva (http://www.kiva.org/)
5. Kickstarter  (http://www.kickstarter.com/)
d. We updated the state contacts list which has not been updated since 2005. We recruited/replaced three state contacts.
e. To increase membership and recruit more LIS students, worked with chapter’s Membership Committee, we identified and focused on 3 library schools within the chapter.  We will contact these library schools and get in touch with the students, especially Chinese American descendants.  The Membership Committee members are Sherab Chen (Chair), Xiaocan Wang and Jen-Chien Yu.
f. To mentor and support LIS students, we are collaborating a web project for one of students in our chapter by letting her work on the chapter’s web site to move  and index the archive files from the old site to the current new site.
g. Working with the chapter’s Web Committee, we initiated a review and evaluating exercise on our chapter’s Web site http://www.midwest.cala-web.org/ , in hopes of making it more intuitive, user friendly, easy to navigate and contribute to, share, update , and maintain.  The Web Committee members are Perris King (Chair), Sherab Chen, and Xiaocan Wang.
h. To convenience members, save money and time, we set up a Paypal account to make it easier to reimburse members and save postage and checks.
i. On behalf of the chapter’s Fundraising Team, we joined forces with CALA’s Fundraising Taskforce For Tornado-stricken Areas in MO, and together we raised a total of $513.99. We promoted the event through postings on our chapter’s Facebook page in addition to the listserv.
j. We promoted various announcements and events through listserv and popular social media channels such as the chapter’s Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, animoto.com, worldly.com, .
k. We sent out special holiday greetings (flowers or customized cards) to chapter founding/senior members including Dr. Qian Cun-xun (i.e. Tsien, Tsuen-Hsuin), Julie Su, Hwa-Wei Lee, Tze-chung Li, Ling-li Chang, and Pei-ling Wu. Working with the chapter’s PR Committee, we have identified a few more, but unfortunately couldn’t locate them. They are Roy Change, Robert P Chen, Ming-ming Kuo, Amanda Yu.  We also sent out holiday greetings to all chapter members via listserv. The PR Committee members are Ning Zhou (Chair), Joyce Fu, Yi Han, and Wen-ling Liu.
l. Members in the Chicago area held a holiday gathering and welcoming new members on December 17, 2011. The event was organized by Lisa Zhao.
3. MW Chapter’s 2012 Annual Conference planning is under way:
a. The Conference Committee has selected the theme and location:
i. Theme: Emerging Trends in LIS
ii. Location:  The Illinois Fire Service Institute Learning Resource and 
Research Center, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
iii. Time: May 5, 2012
iv. Other details are being worked out (call for proposals, promotion, conference program, etc.)
b. The Conference Committee includes Lian Ruan (chair), Sharon Hu, and Wen-Ling Liu.
We had a great year so far and will continue the momentum. Stay tuned for more great news!
Regretfully I won’t be able to attend the Board meeting during the ALA Midwinter. Wish you a productive and successful meeting!
Thank you!
FuWaye Bender
2011/2012 Midwest Chapter President, CALA
Website:  http://www.midwest.cala-web.org/
Facebook:  facebook.com/CALAMW
Ourstory: http://www.ourstory.com/CALAMW

Email: fuwaye@gmail.com

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