Publications Committee

Member Roster:
Dajin Sun (co-chair, 2011-2013)
Mia Jia (co-chair, 2011-2013)
Huifeng Chang (2011-2012)
Zao Liu (2011-2013)
Min Tong (2011-2013)
Joy Wang (2011-2012)
Nonie Xue (2011-2012)

Nancy Hershoff (ex-officio, JLIS English Editor) Xue-Ming Bao Xue-Ming (ex-officio, CALA OPS Editor) Priscilla Yu (ex-officio, CALA Newsletter Co-editor) Sai Deng (ex-officio, CALA Newsletter Co-editor) Vincci Kwong (ex-officio, Webmaster) Lian Ruan (ex-officio, Co-chair of Membership Committee) Weiling Liu (ex-officio, Co-chair of Membership Committee)

Is this an interim or annual report? Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
The biggest effort of the Publications Committee for this period has been focused on the recruitment of the next term editor-in-chief for the CALA Occasional Paper Series (OPS) publication. From mid September to the end of November, the Committee tried all avenues to publicize the position and invite nominations by posting/reposting the announcement on the CALAlist and approaching separately the current and previous editorial staff of CALA publications. To our content, our search was fruitful and we have selected one very qualified candidate to recommend to the CALA Board for approval.

In addition, the Committee is working on an action plan to assess and guide its work ahead for the year.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:
•The Committee recommends the appointment of Yunshan Ye as the editor-in-chief of the CALA OPS for the term of 2012-2015.
•Candidate's C.V. and self-nomination letter will be submitted to the CALA Board at or before the ALA Midwinter in Dallas.