Committee for the Jing Liao Award for the Best Research in All Media

Member Roster:
Karen Wei, Chair
Vickie Fu Doll (from December 16, 2011)
Yuan Li (through December 15, 2011)
Wenling Liu
Liang Lei Qi
Xiaocan Wang

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The Committee of five members was appointed by CALA President in October 2011. In December, one member was replaced due to conflict of interest.

The Committee reviewed the Guidelines for Application and Selection completed previously by the Taskforce on Jing Liao Memorial Fund in June 2011.

The Committee established the following timeline/action items:

1. Coverage of the research publications - must be published in 2011;
2. The call for submission/application to be posted at CALA listserv/website 
in January 2012 to allow publications in November/December 2011 be included;
3. Deadline for submission is set for March 1; reminders will be sent at 
least twice before the deadline;
4. Members begin to review applications immediately after the submission 
5. Members send to the Chair their ranked top three choices with comments 
explaining the selection; Chair gathers all entries ranked by the committee members to determine the final three entries;
6. Chair writes up the recommendations for members to review/input;
7. Chair contacts the donor for his review and final selection;
8. Chair submits the recommendation to CALA President/Executive Officer and 
posts the results to the CALA listserv/website.

In addition, the committee made a slight revision to the original Guidelines for Application and Selection by specifying that each applicant may only submit one entry for the competition to allow maximum participation by interested CALA members.  The updated Guidelines are attached below.

Finally, the Committee has determined that if a member of the committee is submitting an entry for the award competition, s/he will be replaced due to a conflict of interest.

Guidelines for Application and Selection (revised) – December 2011

                 The CALA Annual Jing Liao Award for the Best Research in All Media

The pursuit of excellence in research and service was what defined the career of Jing Liao (1954-2011), a long-time CALA member and a devoted and accomplished librarian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The establishment of this memorial fund is to honor the memory of Jing Liao by encouraging CALA members to strive for excellence of research in all media.

Guidelines for Application

1. An award in the amount of $500 will be granted annually beginning in 2012.

2. Applicants must be CALA members in good standing for three consecutive years, including the year of application;

3. Applicants must demonstrate interest in and strive for excellence in research by publishing works in reputable journals or publishers in print or electronic format;

4. Applicants may submit only one work published in the previous year for consideration;

5. Applicants must not receive the Best Research award in consecutive years.

Selection Criteria

1. Originality of the research;

2. Appropriateness of research in relation to the purpose of the award;

3. Significance to the profession and to the community;

4. Contributions to the subject field;

5. Quality and thoroughness of the research;

6. The relevant education, training, and experience of the applicants.

Selection Process

1. The CALA President appoints a Selection Committee of 3-5 members in a staggering term of two years;

2. The Committee reviews all applicants based on the above criteria;

3. The Committee recommends 2-3 finalists to the donor;

4. The donor reviews the finalists and makes the final decision.

5. The Committee announces the winner.

6. The award will be presented and a citation read at the CALA Award Banquet held annually.

7. The citation should include the following about the fund:

This fund was established in memory of Jing Liao (1954-2011), a long-time CALA member and an accomplished librarian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It aims to encourage CALA members to strive for excellence in research in all media.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board: