Mentorship Committee

Hong Miao, (Co-chair) (2011-2013)
Ying Zhong, (Co-chair) (2011-2013)
Yingting Zhang, (2011-2013)
Meiqing Macy Zheng, (2011-2013)
Jia Xu, (2011-2012)
Huibin Heather Cai, (2011-2012)
Lisa Zhao, (2010-2012)

Since July 2011, Mentorship Committee has been working on a number of issues.  Chief among them were:

  • Reviewed and revised program goals, eligibilities, application procedures, and guidelines for mentors and mentees among committee members.
  • Worked with the CALA webmaster to ensure the functionality of online application
  • Made program announcement “Call for Participation” to CALA listserv
  • Kept tracking the applications received from potential mentors and mentees. Till December 2011, we’ve received five applications from Mentors, and three from Mentees.
  • Continue to send out “Call for Participation” to both CALA Listserv and SLIS Listserv in North America to raise the level of awareness of CALA organization and Mentorship Program among SLIS students.

From December 2011 to June 2012, CALA annual meeting at ALA, Mentorship Committee will:

  • Review the applications. Match and notify the mentors and mentees
  • Promote the Program at CALA annual program/activities, CALA chapters’ activities.
  • Design programs or platforms so that experienced mentees and their mentors will be able to share their personal experience with potential mentees and mentors; demonstrate how beneficial the Program has been to the participants.
  • Continue to review program evaluations from mentors and mentees, learn from their experience, maintain and enhance the Program.
  • Provide recommendations, lessons learned, and suggestions to the next Mentorship Committee.