Occasional Paper Series (OPS)

Member Roster:

OPS Editor-in-Chief:
Xue-Ming Bao, (2009-2012) baoxuemi@shu.edu

OPS Assistant Editors:
Lois Mai Chan, (2009-2012)  loischan@uky.edu Xiaoli Fang, (2009-2011)  xfang@njcu.edu David Hickey,  (2010-2013) dhickey@uflib.ufl.edu Ingrid Hsieh-Yee (2009-2012) Hsiehyee@cua.edu Chihfen P. Lin (2009-2011)  chihfeng@cc.shu.edu.tw Manuel Urrizola, (2009-2012) manuelu@ucr.edu

Is this an interim or annual report? Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
1. OPS call-for-paper announcement was sent via cala listserv in the first 
week of each month.
2. Received two manuscripts on 12/7 and 12/9/2011. They are in the process of 
peer reviewing.
3. Received three inquiries about submitting manuscripts to OPS.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

Two assistant 
editors’ term expired in June 2011 and three will expire in June 2012.  
Xiaoli Fang, Manuel Urrizola and David Hickey have expressed their interest in continuing to serve on the OPS Editorial Board as Assistant Editors.