2013/14 Program Planning Committee

The Committee members are:
1. Lisa Zhao (Chair)
2. FuWaye Bender  
3. Rosa Chen Hsu 
4. Li Fu
5. Em Claire Knowles
6. Mingyan Li
7. Yuan Li
8. Zheng Lu
9. Li Sun
10. Minglu Wang
11. Xiaocan Wang
12. Jian, Xiong
13. Ning Zou

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
* The Committee discussed the theme of the 2013/14 CALA Annual Program. The Committee realized that 2013 will be the year of 40th birthday of CALA. Therefore, the Committee has decided that the theme of the 2013/2014 CALA Annual Program will be on the celebration of CALA 40th birthday.

The proposed theme of the 2013/2014 CALA Annual program is (will be finalized later):
1. Together We Make a Difference! Glorious Path from Local to Global:
   CALA 1973- 2013
2.  Together We Make a Difference!  Celebrate CALA 40 Years and Beyond
* The proposed speakers have:
1. Dr. Tze-chung Li
2. Dr. Chin-chi Chen
3. Dr. Lois Mai Chan
4. Dr. Afred Fund
5. Representative of CALA emerging leaders
6. One speaker from ALA
*Dr. Ling-Hwey Jeng (Back-up speaker only when any of the speakers 1-4 not available)
* The Annual program also will call each chapter of CALA to make a poster for showing    the Chapter’s history and achievements.
This is a good team. Everyone actively contributed to the discussion which made this discussion effective. 
Now the Committee is divided into small group to prepare various issues of the Program.  

Respectfully report by:
Lisa Zhao (Chair)