Response to Zhijia Shen’s Issues of Concern in her 2011 Annual Report

Response to Zhijia
Shen’s Issues of Concern in her 2011 Annual Report

We can see
plenty of mistakes in Zhijia’s “issues of concern”, apparently presented to
humiliate the Executive Director, who is opposed to her unjust ways of
conducting business.


  1. In
    this age of digital technology, we conduct online meetings by e-mail, and “the
    physical relocation of the Executive Director out of the country” cannot have
    “presented challenges in the Board’s direct communications in conducting its
    business.”  The physical relocation is
    not an issue.
  2. The
    Election Committee did follow established procedures.  Your statement in your report on “lack of
    transparency in CALA nomination and election process” that “gave the appearance
    of conflict of interests among members of the Election Ad Hoc Committee” is not
    true.  Your public statement on CALA
    listserv on May 10, 2011 is groundless.  
  3. Haipeng
    ‘s  good reputation is so maligned by you
    that Haipeng is still waiting for you to right the wrong.  Once you have apologized, Haipeng will easily
    continue to assist you.  Haipeng is a
    very capable person who was dedicated to CALA’s work for years.  There are many members on the board who
    disapprove of your erratic ways in handling CALA’s business.
  4. As
    president you do not have the authority to bypass the Executive Director
    without the Board’s approval.

As CALA Board members, we
express our complete trust and confidence in our Executive Director, Haipeng
Li.  We thank him for his dedication and
contributions to CALA’s goals.  CALA is
fortunate to have Haipeng as our Executive Director.  His leadership is invaluable to our
organization.  We find your statement of
concern petty, mendacious, and divisive. 
We demand that you remove them from your annual report.


Submitted by concerned
board members:

  • Liana Zhou
  • Songqian Lu
  • Min Chou
  • Maria Fung
  • Manuel Urrizola
  • Esther Lee
  • Bin Zhang
  • Vincci Kwong 
  • Lina Ding
  • Joy Wang
  • Hong Miao 
  • Dajin Sun
  • Yi Liang