Board Meeting III Agenda

2010/2011 CALA Board Meeting III
ALA Annual at New Orleans
June 25, 2011 (Saturday), 07:00 - 10:00 pm
New Orleans -Waterbury BR

All available reports are posted on
Please review, print and bring the Agenda, all the
handouts including reports, appendixes, proposals, recommendations and other
documents to the Meeting.

Please arrange the documents according to the order in the Agenda.


Welcome and Self Introduction

Maureen Sullivan, ALA Presidential
Candidate 2012-2013

III.       Diane Chen,  ALA Exe. Board Liaison
(7:30 pm)

Approval of Agenda


Approval of Minutes

Board Meeting II (2010-2011) Minutes 1/8/11


President's Report
: Zhijia Shen

Executive Director's Report
: Haipeng Li

Treasurer's Report and Finance Committee
: Songqian Lu (Treasurer) and Lian Ruan
(Finance Chair)

1. To use a database to manage CALA financial records more efficiently
2. To create the guidelines for CALA scholarship investment operations and

Finance Committee Comments:
The committee supports the two suggestions
that Songqian made in her Semi-Annual Report of 2010. She suggested to hire a
CPA to file tax returns for CALA and assist with CALA financial management
professionally and timely and to develop guidelines and procedures for CALA
financial management in details, including documentation of outgoing and
incoming Treasurer's transition process and procedures for daily routines and
practices of CALA's financial management. The committee has highly praised
Songqian's hard work and appreciated her contribution to put CALA's financial
management back on track.

IX.  Committee Reports

A.  Annual Conference Program Planning
Committee (2010-2011):
Min Chou (Chair)

B.   Annual Conference Program
Planning Committee (2011-2012):
Esther Lee (Chair)

C.   Awards Committee: Jen-Chien
Yu (Chair)

D.  Best Book Awards Committee: Hong
Cheng, Shuqin Jiao (Co-Chairs)
In order to keep the continuity and effectiveness of the CALA Best Book
Committee, half of the committee members shall have experience serving in the
previous committee, and new chair/co-chair shall be selected from these
second-year committee members for sustainability.

E. CALA JLIS Editorial Board, Min
Chou (Editor)

F.  CALA OPS Series, Xue-Ming Bao
1. Xue-Ming Bao will not seek reappointment of OPS Editor-in-Chief after his
term expires June 2012. The CALA Board and Publication Committee should start a
search for a new Editor-in-Chief.
2. Two assistant editors’ term will end in June 2011 and three will expire in
June 2012. The CALA Board and Publication Committee may want to either
reappoint them or search for different candidates.

G. Conference Travel Grant Committee: Yongyi Song, Dajin Sun (Co-Chairs)

H. Constitution
& Bylaws Committee
: Nancy Hershoff (Chair)
Amendments to the CALA Constitution and


Article VI.  Officers

Section 2. Appointed Officers

4.  Committee Chairpersons
… (10) the Scholarship Committee, (11)
the Web Committee, (12) the Best Book Award Committee*,
(13) the Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant Committee, and (14)
the Mentorship Program Committee.

The chairperson of the Conference Program Committee shall
be the vice president/president elect.
The chairperson of the Nominating
Committee shall be the immediate past president. The chairpersons of the Conference Program Committee, the Nominating
Committee, the Awards Committee, and the Scholarship Committee shall be
appointed for a one-year term and cannot be re-appointed for a consecutive

chairperson of the Conference Program Committee shall be the Incoming Vice
President/President Elect for the first year, and the Vice President/President
Elect for the second year. The chairperson shall be appointed for a two-year
term and cannot be re-appointed for a consecutive term

The chairperson of
the Web Committee shall be the web master of the Association. The appointment
is for a three-year term and can be re-appointed for a second consecutive term.

The president,
in consultation with Sally C. Tseng, will appoint the chairperson of the Sally
C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant Committee.  The chairperson of
this committee will serve a one-year term and cannot be reappointed for a
second consecutive term.

All other committee
chairpersons shall be appointed for a one-year term and can be re-appointed for
a second consecutive term for the same committee.

5.  Committee Members.  The
president, in consultation with each chairperson, shall appoint all committee
members from the membership of the Association. The number of members in each
committee, including the chairperson, shall be an odd number. The exact number
of members in each committee is to be decided by the president.

c.   The
members of the Conference Program Committee, the
Nominating Committee, the Awards Committee, and the Scholarship Committee shall
be appointed for a one-year term and cannot serve a second consecutive
term.  The members of the Conference Program
Committee shall be appointed for a two-year term and cannot serve a second
consecutive term.
members of the Membership Committee, the Finance Committee, the Publications
Committee, the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, the International Relations
Committee, the Public Relations/Fund Raising Committee,
Web Committee, the Best Book Award
Committee, the Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant
Committee, and the Mentorship Program Committee
be appointed for a staggered two-year term and can be reappointed for a
consecutive term.

d.   To
keep an accurate record of vacancies and re-appointments, chairpersons shall
list the term of each member in their annual reports.



Article IV.  Duties of the Officers

Section 9.  Committee Chairpersons

12.  Best Book Award Committee.  The
chairperson, with the help of the Committee members, shall select and produce a
list of best books on Chinese topics by authors of Chinese descent, published
in a designated calendar year.”

13.  Sally C. Tseng’s Professional
Development Grant Committee.  The chairperson, with the help of the
Committee members, shall issue calls for applications for professional
development grant opportunities in the Association, select grant recipients
according to prescribed guidelines and inform the president, executive
director, and the Board of Directors of the Committee decisions.  In case
of special circumstances, including but not limited to no award, disputes, and/or
cases involving conflict of interest, the Board of Directors shall make the
final decision on the award(s).

14.  Mentorship Program Committee.  The
chairperson, with the help of the Committee members, shall be responsible for
the planning of the mentorship program for the designated calendar year.

*Name change from Best Book Award Committee to
Best Book Committee is to be discussed and approved by the Board.

            I.   Finance Committee: Lian Ruan

J.  International Relations Committee:
Qi Chen & Shuyong Jiang (Co-Chairs)

1. Board approves contacts of all libraries previous and currently on IRC’s
contact list.


2. Board should grant IRC authority to work
with potential libraries on seminars so that IRC could follow up the contacts
immediately without having to wait for the board to approve. Board only holds
meetings twice a year, which delays the process. We lost an opportunity with
JiaoDa this year due to this delay.
3. IRC keeps close contact with the President and executive Director when new
libraries are contacted.
4.IRC has the authority to
decide the seminar themes, contents, dates and draft agreement. However, the
agreement should be presented to the board for approval before it is sent to
the other party.
5. IRC leadership should serve longer than the current appointed terms to
maintain continuity of the working projects.

K.  Membership Committee: Hong Ma,
Li Zhang (Co-Chairs)

1. The committee suggests that CALA allow the online membership database open
to all members, presenting electronic directory in the format of collected
members’ data in CiviCRM like ALA does.
Rationale: Individuals will be able
to log on to the online system at any time to update their information or look
for other needed information. It demands a lot of time to compile a PDF file of
the membership directory. It would be helpful if the Board can explore ways to
place vendor ads in other resources (for example, tie to CALA events, CALA
newsletters, etc). Therefore the Membership Committee will have more time to
focus on further implementation of online membership database (categorized
groups, integration with PayPal to mange payment etc), implementing
outreach/recruiting plans, or, developing activities to increase member participation
in CALA programs etc.


The Membership Committee recommends CALA to allow members in “ZY” category to
choose a chapter.
Rationale:  Currently chapter affiliations are
automatically determined by the residency of a member or where he/she works.
But what about members whose state/country does not have a chapter, i.e., those
fall under “ZY” category. Members in this category may want to join activities
and/or discussion with an established chapter.


Membership Year- rolling
Regarding membership expiration date, we recommend following the rolling year
practice rather than use a fixed December 31 as expiration date. With the
established online system, it is much more workable in this way and is probably
preferred by our members.


Membership Categories -Non-salaried Membership.
The Board needs to have a clear definition/policy about who would be qualified
for this category. Right now, most retired librarians are in this category.
There are members who are part time only (paid hourly) etc. It was not clear if
he/she is supposed to pay regular membership fee or non-salaried fee.
5. It would be a good practice to ask the chair(s) of each committee about
member participation. In some special cases, some members may never participate
in any committee activities, but they can be serving on committees year after
year. Indeed inactive members should not be appointed to new committees.

L.  Mentorship Program Committee: Karen
Wei, Lisa Zhao (Co-Chairs)

M. Newsletter
: Priscilla Yu and Sai Deng (Co-Editors)
Please continue to encourage members to enclose photos with news items.

Public Relations/Fundraising Committee: Maria Fung & Yi Liang
Evaluate the merits of putting vendors' ads on paper directory or on CALA web.

N.  Nominating Committee: Xudong Jin (Chair)

P.  Publications Committee: Raymond
Wang, Ying Xu (Co-Chairs)
1.To publicize the contributions of the distinguished CALA members to the
larger community, the Committee recommends that the recipient of the CALA
Distinguished Service Award of the current year be the candidate for the
Spotlight in the subsequent year.
2. The Publications Committee shall conduct an interview with the candidate
before or during the ALA Mid-Winter Meeting, either in person or online, in
order for the information to be published prior to ALA Annual Conference in the
subsequent year.
3. The dissemination of the Spotlight on CALA Members shall be included in
related CALA publications, such as on CALA website and in CALA Newsletters.

Q.  Sally C. Tseng's Professional
Development Grant Committee
: Elaine Dong, Liana Zhou (Co-Chairs)

Scholarships Committee: Hong Miao, Shu-Hua Liu (Co-Chairs)
Comments and suggestions:

1.     There
were some issues occurred regarding the online application and evaluation. The
following statement describes the major problems. We hope the board can pass
the information to the next committee to discuss before they move on the evaluation
1-1.  To handle the attachment, current CALA online application has
limitation of the file size. And the students cannot upload zip file.
1-2.  There isn't a clear instruction to specify the length and
content of the required essay. Therefore, we see the quality and length of the
essays has great difference.  There are few applicants use their essays
for applying for admission of library school.  Most of all, we see the writing
skill of the immigrant students and students from China are obviously weaker
than those born in US.  Even they have stronger work experience and
community involvement, they cannot express themselves and their strength well
in the essay.
1-3.  Even the quality of references has huge discrepancy.  Some
references prefer writing a letter instead of using the form that CALA
provides.  While others use the form, but they mark the check box without
much writing.

            S.  Web Committee: Bin
Zhang & Vincci Kwong (Co-Chairs)

1. Provide open access of final reports for Board meeting to the public, while
restricting access of internal documents to Board members only.



Form a task force to develop guidelines/policies
for the CALA Listserv.


X.     CALAMW Chapter Election 2009


Reports from Ad Hoc Committees, Taskforces, Representatives and

A. Family Literacy Focus Project Taskforce,
Nancy Hershoff & Dora Ho (Co-Chairs)

B. Ad Hoc Officer's Handbook Taskforce, Dora Ho (Chair)

C.  2015 Strategic Planning Taskforce
, Liana Zhou (Chair)

1.CALA Board reviews and approves the 2015 Strategic
Plan Taskforce to publicize 2015 Strategic Plan via listserv and CALA
2. CALA Board establishes a 2015 Strategic Plan Implementation timetable
3. CALA Board or CALA Executive Committee establishes new committees or task
forces to institutionalize CALA initiatives and activities, such as Emerging
Leaders Review and Advisory Committee, CALA 21st Century Librarian
Seminar/Institute, etc.. Responsibilities assigned to: Executive Committee,
Board of Directors, and Constitution and Bylaws Committee.
4. CALA Board approves an annual review process for the 2015 Strategic Plan,
around 2012-2013.
5. CALA Board establishes new 2020 Strategic Plan Committee in year 2015.


D. Taskforce on Jing Liao Memorial
Shuyong Jiang

XV.     Reports from Chapter Presidents

A.   Greater Mid-Atlantic
Ming-sun Poon/Cathy Yang

B.    Midwest Chapter: Ning

C.    Northeast Chapter: Lina

D.    Northern California
Jianye He/Xiaoli Li

E.     Southeast
Min Tong

F.     Southern
California Chapter:
Joy Wang/Xiwen Zhang

G.     Southwest Chapter: Irene Ke