Treasurer Report

CALA Treasurer Annual Report 2011

(Songqian Lu, June 20, 2011)


CALA Budgetary Performance from July 1, 2010 to June
20, 2011 is as follows:


Total Income:                      $29,097.81

Total Expenses:                  $13,370.20

Net Assets:                         $149,681.70


Highlights of Accomplishments and Activities

  • All CALA financial transactions are handled promptly and the records
    are all up to date
  • CALA  2010 tax return filed
    on time
  • A lot of efforts have been made to cooperate with other CALA
    officers, the committees, and the taskforce on dealing with finance
    related operations and transactions


  • To use a database to manage CALA financial records more
  • To create the guidelines for CALA scholarship
    investment operations and management

Please see the attached detailed
CALA Treasurer Annual Report 2011 for more detailed breakdown information.

Thank you.


Respectfully Submitted,


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Songqian Lu

CALA Treasurer (2010 - 2012)