Nominating Committee

Member Roster (Please list Chair as the first name):

1)      Xudong Jin  (Chair)

2)      Ding Ye   (Great Mid-Atlantic Chapter)

3)      Jen-chien Yu  (Midwest Chapter)

4)      Li Sun   (Northeast Chapter)

5)      Yi Liang  (Northern California Chapter)

6)      Yongyi Song  (Southern California Chapter)

7)      Lili Li   (Southeast Chapter)

8)      Zhixian Yi (Southwest Chapter)

9)      Hanrong Wang

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The Nominating Committee started working in August 2010 and made a working timeline in September which was approved by the CALA President Zhijia Shen:


· Early October 2010

o Confirm with the Executive Board and Board of Directors for the vacant positions.


· October 2010

o Send out the “Call for Nominations.”

o Send the “reminder” to the CALA listserv.


· November 2010

o Close “Call for Nomination” before November 20 or one month after issuing of “Call for Nomination” whichever comes first.

o Secure nominees’ consensus to run for those elected positions. At the same time, solicit biographical information and candidate statements from those agreed to run one week after closing of “Call for Nomination.”


· December 2010

o Collect biographical information and candidate statements.

o Review qualifications of all nominees to select the top candidates following Zhijia’s charge.

o Finalize the list of nominees and compile biographies and statements for annual election.


· Before December 31, 2010

o Present to the President the list of nominees.


· Midwinter

o Report to the Board of Directors and ask for their approval of the slate.


· Post Midwinter

o Forward the approved slate to the Election Committee.


A report was sent to the Executive Committee to confirm the vacant positions this year also in September. The report says CALA has the following vacant positions this year:


Vice President/President-Elect 2012/2013 (2nd VP 2011/2012) (one position), and

Board of Directors 2011/2014 (five positions).


Our timeline is followed as scheduled. The “Call for Nominations” was closed on November 20th as planned. A complete list of all the nominees was distributed to all the Nominating Committee members in the evening of November 20th. All the nominees were contacted by each committee member and if they accepted the nomination, a bio and statement were collected.


Based on President Zhijia’s charge, “The committee is to make an effort to recruit as many as possible qualified candidates for consideration for nomination and present to the President a list of nominees for the five outgoing Board member positions. For the Vice-President/President-Elect position, the committee is to make an effort to prepare a slate of at least two and no more than three nominees,” the Nominating Committee made its recommendation of the slate to the Board for approval on December 20, 2010.


The recommendation was made based on the nominees' acceptance, bio and statement, number of nominators, and geographical representation. The final slate is as the following:

VP candidates:

Maria Fung (NE)

Lisa Zhao (MW)

For Board of Director Positions:

Qi Chen (MW)
Fu Li (MW)
Jie Huang (SW)
Shuyong Jiang (MW)
Shu-hua Liu (CA_N)

Dajin Sun (NE)
Min Tong (SE)
Hong Wang (CA_N)

Joy Wang (CA_S)
Frank Xu (NE)

There are two candidates for the Vice President/President-Elect and ten for Board of Directors positions and they cover all the seven CALA chapters. All of them are active CALA members.