Best Books Committee (BBC) (aka Best Book Award Committee)


  • Hong
    Cheng (Co-Chair)
  • Shuqin
    Jiao (Co-Chair)
  • Miao Jin
    (2010-2012) Withdrawn in November 2010
  • Hongyu Li
  • Guoying
    Liu (2010-2012)
  • Leo Lo
  • Warren
    Wright (2010-2011)
  • Xiuying

Is this an
interim or annual report?:
Annual report

List significant
activities the committee has done since last report:

1.         Under the
charges of the CALA Board, re-defined the Committee's guidelines

  • Reviewed
    the committee charges (appendix/attachment)
  • Discussed
    the book selection scope, categories, and criteria
  • Delegated
    and assigned team coordinators to specific tasks and assignments
  • Submitted
    the BBC action plan to the President
  • Drafted
    the BBC description for CALA Handbook (appendix/attachment)
  • Drafted
    the BBC Guidelines and Procedures (appendix/attachment)

2.         Based on
revised committee guidelines, recommend and selected best books for the year

  • Drafted
    and distributed "Call for Recommendation" (appendix/attachment)
  • Recommended
    and reviewed candidates for the best books
  • Voted to
    finalized a list of ten best books
  • Publicized
    the list of ten best books at the CALA website and at the ALA Annual Conference
  • Drafted a
    Request for Official Committee name change (appendix/attachment)

List committee
recommendations, if any, to the Board:

In order to keep the continuity and effectiveness of the
CALA Best Book Committee, half of the committee members shall have experience
serving in the previous committee, and new chair/co-chair shall be selected
from these second-year committee members for sustainability.

The publishers have been very supportive. For 2011 BBC,
review copies can be requested as soon as getting the bibliographic info to
avoid spring rush reading.

The "books" in name of the Best Books Committee was
presented in singular form in previous documents. We hope the amendments or
corrections could be made by the 2011 BBC.