CALA Northeast Chapter Annual Report

CALA Northeast Chapter
Annual Report

July 2010 - June 2011


During the current academic year, the Northeast
Chapter of CALA held two meetings of its board and organized two programs for
members.  The programs were very well received by attendees. 

1.  Northeast Chapter Board Meetings

The first board meeting of the year was held on
October 22, 2011, following election of officers for the 2010-2011
period.  Past CALA Northeast chapter presidents were invited to this
meeting, as well as current CALA officers. Board members discussed program
ideas for the current academic year and made suggestions about reaching out to
our membership, with a view toward providing better service.  Mr. Hung-yun
Chang, treasurer of the chapter, reported that the Northeast Chapter has a
strong balance sheet.  This will permit us to sponsor future programs and

The year's second board meeting was held on May 6,
2011, following the visit to the libraries at Columbia University.  The
board discussed the organization of the Conference of the Library Society of
China in August and began preparations for the election next term. 
The chapter will shortly call for nominations for officers.  A committee
responsible for the conduct of the election will be established.  The
president of the chapter expressed appreciation for the teamwork of chapter

2.  Winter Program - January 28, 2011

At the recommendation of Ms. Kachuen Gee, the
Northeast Chapter invited a well-known Chinese artist, Hengyi Aixinjueluo, to lecture
to the membership on palace painting during the Qing dynasty.  The lecture
was held at the Queens-Flushing community library.

Ms. Aixinjueluo is a descendent of the Qing
emperors.  Her family background permitted her access to the court
tradition in painting and opportunities to view famous paintings from an early
age. In her lecture she talked about the history of palace painting in the Qing
dynasty, explaining how painters were selected through examinations and
discussing the ranks of painters. She reviewed the work of several major
painters of the time, including the Italian painter郎士宁. Her talk was
illustrated with slides showing paintings from the period, including royal
portraits, scenes of royal parties, and pictures of emperors making offerings. 
She also talked about court life during the period.

The event was attended by 15 CALA members and some
40 members of the public at large.  It was very well received, judging by
the large numbers of questions raised by members of the audience and the
disinclination of attendees to leave the auditorium when the talk ended.

3.  Spring Program - May 6, 2011

We organized a visit to relevant libraries at
Columbia University to share our ideas with librarians there and derive
inspiration for the challenges that we are now facing.  Twenty-six
librarians from New York and New Jersey participated in this event.

We visited three libraries at Columbia.  Our
first stop was the C.V. Star East Asian library, one of the major collections
for the study of East Asia in the United States.  Ms. Sarah Elman, head of
technical services for the library, conducted the tour of her
facilities.   At the end of the visit, we had a brief discussion of
our views on issues of library development.

Our second stop on the Columbia campus was at the
Butler Library, the principal unit in the University's library system. 
Butler houses more than two million volumes in its humanities collection. 
The cataloger-librarian, Ms. Charlene Chou, and university archivist and
curator of manuscripts, Ms. Susan Hamson, showed us some of the rare books
housed in the library, as well as manuscripts donated by the Kuomintang's general,
Zhang Xueliang.

We also visited the Digital Science Center
housed in the Science & Engineering Library.  This is a relatively new
facility.  Its director, Ms. Jane Winland, and its engineering librarian,
Mr. Song Yu, explained to us the desire of Columbia to consolidate and redefine
library spaces for the current century.  We are indebted to our member, Dr. 
Chengzhi Wang, who recommended a visit to this facility.

4.  Other news

Our chapter's president is currently working on the
preparation of the Conference of the Library Society of China, which will be
held in New York on August 9 - 10. The Northeast Chapter is co-host of the
event.  We are advised that over 100 libraries from China will send
delegates to New York for the conference.  We are very exited to be host
to such an important delegation.  Participation in the event is an honor
for CALA as well.

Please note that our chapter vice president, Prof.
Judy Xiao, created a new e-mail address as a blog for our members to exchange
and share information.  The address is:  She has also
updated the Northeast Chapter's website by organizing all files and all news in
chronological order.

According to notice received from CALA, our chapter
has added 15 new members during the year.  The chapter's president and
membership chair sent welcome letters to all new members.  We look
forward to their enthusiastic participation in our programs and activities.

CALA's web committee members, Bin Zhang and Vincci
Kwong, are assisting the chapter to prepare for the forthcoming election of a
new slate of board members.  The election will be concluded by June 27,



Northeast Chapter President


Northeast Chapter Vice President